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Oscar Pistorius found innocent

Oscar Pistorius Did Not Intentionally Kill Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Judge Rules

A South African judge made her ruling this morning. Oscar could still be found guilty of other charges including culpable homicide and weapons charges.

oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp
Reeva and Oscar

I had great respect for Oscar as an athlete. In every interview he was gracious and humble. After the shooting I was not sure what to think, and still am not sure how I feel.

He did kill Reeva, he was at the very least reckless. We will never know what was in his heart and mind that evening. We can only hope that the court was able to see enough of the truth to make a correct verdict.

ABC News has coverage with video clips.

  • What do you think?
  • Was justice served?
  • Is his career over?

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4 responses to “Oscar Pistorius found innocent”

  1. txa1265 Avatar

    I think I have absolutely no idea of what REALLY happened … and none of it will bring the poor girl back.

    I think we have a warped view in the western world of celebrities … and that leads to many things like this. People in these celebrity positions get warped views of self and of how rules apply to them.

    None of it is good.

    Was justice served? No … because it never really can be when someone is murdered. At best we can mitigate the lingering effects and assuage the feelings of survivors.

    1. Imarunner2012 Avatar


  2. RunKnitTravel Avatar

    WOW. I am not dazed and confused.

    I believe in the legal process but sometimes it is hard to understand when someone is killed that they justice system worked. He did commit a crime whether it was premeditated or not. Right?

    1. Imarunner2012 Avatar

      I know. Killing someone by accident is still called manslaughter in this country. But, I’m not an attorney.

      From what I understand, the gun laws are very strict in RSA. Maybe they will throw the book at him for those things and put him in jail for a while.