My First 5K Bib Sticker


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My First 5K bib sticker

Do you still have the bib from your First 5K?

Many races use bibs like this. I often write the race details on the back of my bib.

Now you can add a My First 5K bib sticker to your bib and always know which race was your first.


Bib Sticker Size: 2″

Bib Stickers ship for FREE, any quantity.

Shipping applies to other items on the same order.

Is your school, YMCA or YWCA having a 5K Fun Run and want to add something special for the kids?

Is your club having a 5K race as part of a “Couch to 5K” graduation?

A bib sticker is a budget friendly way to add something special to a standard race bib.

We offer special pricing on medals and bib stickers for clubs and non-profits.

Please inquire at: for special pricing.


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