5K Medals for First Time runners

For a first time runner a medal is a big deal

#first5k medal, running medal, finisher's medalFirsts in life are a big deal. Like a child’s first step, a First 5K Race is a big step in life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you deserve a finisher’s medal when you finish your first 5K road race.

As a runner, you know how much work and determination it takes to run your first 5k race. As a parent, spouse or friend, you know how hard your runner has worked to prepare.

Order a 2021 My First 5K medal

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Most races award medals to the top three male and female finishers. Some also award medals to the top finishers by age group.

Make sure your runner brings home a medal regardless of how they finish the race.

5K Medals for First Time Runners

Why don’t all races award medals for all finishers?

Most 5K races are fundraisers and race directors have to watch their budget.

Race directors have to pay for timing services, police details, insurance and usually race shirts.

Most 5K races are raising money for one organization or another. It may be for the local PTO, medical research or to assistant veterans and other people in need.

Fundraisers need to raise funds

When a non-profit commits staff and resources to produce a 5K road race, they need to have something to show for their expenditure of time and funds.

In a 2005 Cool Running article Boston Marathon Race Director, Dave McGillivray, gave an example of the costs to produce the average 500 person race. He included everything from t-shirts to toilets and came up with a cost per runner of $20.30.

In 2005 the average 5K entry fee was $20.00. Sixteen years later, the average 5K fee is $30.00.

Dave’s estimate did not include awards or finishers medals, and his race still lost 30ยข per runner.

The $30 collected per runner today doesn’t go much further than the $20 collected in 2005. In addition to inflation, races have become bigger productions and most provide tech shirts instead of cotton.

Dave’s 2005 article indicates that not providing a finishers medal is a long-standing practice. So even in 2005 race directors felt the need to eliminate this expense.

Races need runners to be successful

Races need runners to show up in order to be successful and that means keeping registration fees as low as possible.

Runners expect a well organized race with water, some food and a nice shirt. If a race cuts corners, runners will notice and may not return the next year.

Recent surveys indicate that experienced runners would rather keep entry fees low and not receive a medal. Many would go without a shirt to keep fees low.

Race directors know this. Some races do not include a shirt with registration and most have eliminated a medal for all runners.

Millions of new 5K runners each year

Each year, millions of people lace up for their first 5K road race. For them every step along the way has been an adventure in the journey to their first race.

We all grew up watching medal ceremonies at The Olympics and The Boston Marathon. Every first time runner wants their personal moment of victory.

The My First 5K medal allows all first time runners to get a special medal for their first race.

First time 5K runners like medals

First time runners have seen the medal ceremonies and felt the excitement. They want to feel that excitement for themselves.

For race directors, providing a medal, keeping fees low and raising funds is a challenge.

Omni Running offers the MyFirst5K medal for your runner

My First 5K medal, runners medalThis is a limited edition finisher’s medal designed exclusively for first time 5K runners.

You can order one for your runner or for a group of runners. Just click any image on this page to place your order.

Race directors can add the medal as a registration option for runners. The medal is a great fundraiser with little effort on your part. Race Director Details.

Each medal comes with a bib sticker

my first 5k, 5k sticker,1st 5k race, races for kids

Let me know if you have questions.

info at omnirunning.com


Boston Marathon 2019 Finishers Medal

Looking to frame your 2019 Boston Marathon medal? For $29.95 plus shipping you can frame your medal in a great looking frame.

2019 was another eventful year for the Boston Marathon.

We had thunder and lightening, blazing heat and humidity and an afternoon shower. I even felt wind reminiscent of 2018 when I turned onto Boylston Street.

Anyone who finishes a marathon in any conditions earned their medal.

And they deserve to be proud of their medal. This is especially true for the Boston Marathon finisher’s medal.

The 2019 medal is the same size as 2018 but the BAA filled the space around the unicorn with a blue translucent material. It’s pretty cool.

If you would like to frame your medal and perhaps hang it in your den or office you should frame your medal.

The photos below are my wrinkled bib and finishers medal.

Frames are $29.95 and US shipping is $15.00.

To order click here.

My First 5K Medal Pricing

2020 My First 5K medals are available. Ribbons come with white or pink print. Order 5 or more medals and get free shipping and a discount!

Are you a member of a running club or a boot camp? Is your company organizing a company fun run or sending a company team to a local 5K?

5k running medals for first time runners, running awardIf you want to order medals for your first time 5K runners, you can get a discount!

Orders of 5 or more medals receive free shipping.

Now you can also get a discount on the medals. Price breaks are at quantity 5, 10, 15 and 20+.

If you need more, have questions or the pricing isn't adjusting, send me a quick note at [email protected]

5k running medals for first time runners, running awardNew for 2020 you can order medals with white or pink print on the ribbon!

My First 5K Medal - white print

My First 5K Medal - pink print

My First 5K Medal Prices

While you probably don't need as many medals as a 5K race would, you probably need more than five medals.

Boot Camps, Summer Camps, Schools, Scout Troops; all of these organizations encourage good health. Now it is easy to order just the number of finishers medals that your group needs and save some money.

Medals Price Shipping
1 - 4 $9.95 $3.00
5 - 9 $8.95 FREE
10 - 14 $7.95 FREE
15 - 20 6.95 FREE
20 + 5.95 FREE


I use the US Postal Service for shipping. This allows me to get medals to you in 3-4 business days in the Continental US. Alaska and Hawaii should allow a week for delivery.

I can ship My First 5K Medals to a PO Box, business or home address.

If you are shipping to a PO Box, make sure you have the key. I shipped medals to one race and their treasurer was the only person with a key to the PO Box.

I can ship My First 5K medals anywhere in the world. Several times I've shipped to Honk Kong and Guam!

If you are outside of the US and want to order medals, please contact me at [email protected]

Boston Prep 16 Miler Challenge

Boston Prep 16 Miler draws 350 runners

After Saturdays snowfall, the air on race morning was clear and cool. By the 10:00 a.m. start, the temperature had risen to the mid-30’s, and while the sky was overcast, the sun peeked through at times. All in all, a great day for a race!

Jim Johnson, of Madison, NH took first place honors for the men, with a time of 1:33:25. He was followed by Samuel Fazioli of Salem, NH (last year’s first place finisher) at 1:34:49 and Timothy Catoggio of Boston, MA at 1:35:07.

First place honors for the women went to Christine Shaw of Manchester, NH with a time of 1:42:34. Leslie O’Dell followed at 1:45:45 and Kathleen Michaud at 1:48:13.

– Greater Derry Track Club

Derry 16, GDTC, Boston Prep 16 miler challenge
Tim at the finish line

Tim Catoggio and I work together so he gets the shout out with a finish line photo. Tim drove up in a borrowed car and had to leave before the awards were presented. The overall winners and age group winners were presented with a bottle of New Hampshire maple syrup. Buddy would be jealous!

Full results are available on coolrunning.com. Race Photos are available HERE.

MRC, Derry 16 miler, boston prep 16 miler challenge
Andy, Gail, Jamie, Jeff

We prepared for the race in the gym at Running Brook Middle School. Most runners were in the cafeteria where there were tables and chairs. We sat on the bleachers.

The crowd seemed small but we figured most people were sitting in the cafeteria. It turns out that only 350 people ran the race this year. They promised shirts to the first 700 and capped the race at 900 runners.

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