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VERT Sasquatch Trail Race

A quick note from the side of the road

This week I continued my recovery and managed to get in three short runs, all under 4 miles. It’s pretty pathetic but I know I need to take it easy. Very frustrating!

Monday I go in for my first PT session. I’m hoping the physical therapist will tell me what is wrong, how serious it is and what I can do about it. Until I know how bad things are I don’t dare ramp up my “training”. I had an IB issue a few years ago and PT definitely helped. I’m optimistic that things will work out this time also.

VERT Sasquatch Trail Race

VERT,SasquatchThis weekend I’m running my first trail race. Yeah, I know. What are you doing racing with an injury? I’ve never done a trail race and I don’t plan on setting any records. It’s only about 2.3 miles so I should be okay. I’m really going for the party after wards at the Stone Zoo which features three local breweries that I’ve never had before: Slumbrew, NOTCH and Pretty Things. I’ve heard good things about Pretty Things.

The proceeds benefit the Friends of The Fells, and I like supporting a good cause.

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