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Recovery and PT

Happy Friday everyone! In many areas of the US the heat wave continues. Here in New England the heat has broken and the weekend should be comfortable and great for running.

Recovery and PT begins

I had my first appointment with the physical therapist on Monday. She gave me a series of stretches to do but no definitive diagnosis, so I’m not sure which muscle or tendon is causing my pain. She told me that it was okay for me to run short distances, so I was happy about that.

Things are feeling better and I do not have any unusual pain while running. I still have pain while driving my car. I think it is the piriformis muscle and not the hamstring that is the cause of my pain. While the piriformis and hamstring can both cause pain in the same area, I’ve never had pain like this before.

Since I am feeling better,I think the exercises are working. I plan to incorporate them into my normal stretching routine to help prevent future injuries.

Recovery run

VERT,SasquatchI ran the VERT Sasquatch 2.3 mile trail race last Sunday. It was my first ever trail race and it was fun. Trail running is a little different from street running and I would like to do more trail running in the future. All three beer vendors had great stuff and I’d drink them all again. They were NOTCH, Slumbrew and Pretty Things.

Tuesday night I ran 4.5 miles with the running club. We did a little walking and it was hot but I felt okay. I also ran a 5K at work. For a guy who is preparing for a Fall marathon, 10.1 miles in a week is pretty poor. But it’s better than nothing.

This Sunday I’ll join the club for their Sunday morning long run, but I’ll do the short course and see how it goes.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the summer weather and get in some good miles.

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2 responses to “Recovery and PT”

  1. John Avatar

    Good luck with the short runs.

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      Thanks. Hopefully I can start building up in the next few weeks.