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BAA 2022 10K

2022 BAA 10K Running Tips

Are you running the BAA 2022 10K road race tomorrow?

BAA 10K Running Tips

I have included the BAAs tips for running in warm weather below.

Melrose Running Club, BAA 10K 2018Here are a few of my race recaps from the past nine years. If I am able to run the race this year, it will be my 10th consecutive BAA 10K.

While the recaps below are stories of the runs they also have information about the course and how I ran the race in hot conditions, sometimes with an injury.

I hope you find some running tips that you can use for the 2022 BAA 10K road race.

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The BAA 10K warm weather running tips

Safety of their runners is always the #1 priority of the Boston Athletic Association. On Saturday they offered these tips for running in warm weather.

The B.A.A. advises all athletes to take some very basic steps to ensure your safety while running during warm or hot days.

1. Reduce your normal race pace: slow down! If the temperatures are warmer than normal, don’t worry about running a personal best or running at a pace faster than your training. Run at a slower pace, walk if you are feeling too warm, and seek medical attention if you are feeling the effects of heat Illness.

2. Keep in mind that the harder you work/run, the more heat your body will produce. If you are starting to feel the effects of the heat, slow down, stop if needed, and rest. Listen to your body!

3. Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness. General warning signs include headache, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, fainting, or loss of coordination.

4. Recognize early warning signs of dehydration. Dark yellow urine, loss of energy, dizziness, loss of coordination, muscle cramps, and headaches are all common warnings.

5. Rehydrate as needed. How much you drink depends on your size and how hot it is during the run. A normal rule of thumb is to drink six to eight ounces of fluid (water or sports drink) every 15 minutes of exercise in the heat. By weighing in before and after a workout or run, you can determine exactly how much fluid is lost during your run. Remember: approximately a pint of fluid will replace one pound of weight loss during exercise. On a very hot day, you can increase your fluid intake as much as 25% from this formula.

6. If you have heart or respiratory condition, or you are on any medications, consult your doctor about running in the heat. Know your body and limitations.

7. If you have a history of heatstroke/illness, run with extreme caution.

8. If you have had the COVID-19 virus in the past and are still experiencing fatigue and other post COVID-19 symptoms, evaluate your pace and effort in this type of climate.

9. Drink your fluids. Pouring water over your head feels great, but it does not necessarily help reduce your body temperature or prevent heat illness.

10. Wear light colored clothing. If you need to wear a hat, use a sun visor to protect your face from the sun.

11. Use sunscreen to protect your skin.

12. Avoid drinking coffee or any drinks with caffeine prior to the race.

A few final tips for you

If this is your first 10K, you should not set any lofty goals. This is a challenging race.

It will be hot and a lot of the race is in full sun.

Once the race leaves Kenmore Square it is mostly uphill until the turn the BU’s Agganis Arena.

If you have run 10Ks before but not this one, you might want to back off on your goal pace and time.

If you are in great shape and have trained to run a PR here, make sure you line up near the front of the pack. You know how to hydrate and prepare for challenging conditions. Your knowledge and experience will be put to the test.

Run well my friends!

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  1. Jane Fritz Avatar

    Ooh, running in this heat is quite dangerous. Good advice.

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Got’s to be careful! 😉