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50th 5K Race

My 50th 5K race has been run

I crossed the 50th finish line in Wakefield on Wednesday night. This was my 12th Lake Q race with the Mystics during this quest.

Boston JP Morgan, Andy nagelin

It was only fitting that I should complete my quest with The Mystics as my first race in this quest was with the Mystics on September 19th 2014. I only ran with them twice in 2014 and then 10 times this year. Without their Wednesday night races I don’t think I could have done this.

Not every race was a 5K. The Marathon Sports trail runs were much less, but the Bay State Marathon was a wee bit longer. At a few 5Ks the race directors acknowledged that their course was short. It never bothered me.

A few nights as I fought 93 North traffic going to my 2nd or 3rd race of the week I wondered what the hell I was doing. Why am I doing this?

I think all of us have had those same thoughts while either on a run or during a race. Why do we do this? Why do we go out in the cold and the heat and get all hot and sweaty when we could be sitting at home or asleep in bed? Who doesn’t love sleep?

Just as something compels us to get up on Sunday mornings and run 16 miles come hell or high snow, something compelled me to keep going.

At some point during every race I wonder what the hell I’m doing. Then after the race I’m usually thrilled by the experience. Over the past year I often asked why I was doing this, why I was spending so many evenings out running and not taking care of things at home.

I can’t say that I have that same post race feeling of satisfaction right now. My friend Paul Whitelam asked me how I felt after the race tonight. He read my previous post and asked if I felt worthy. I smiled and said, “I guess so.”

Being the Englishman that he is, he stuck out his hand and said, “Well done.”

Run well my friends!

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