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Tag: achieving goals

  • Running Towards Boston

    Running Towards Boston

    Running Towards Boston and Other Goals has been going well. Somehow I’m still injury free and enjoying the run. Winter running can be brutal, but it’s what we do!

  • 50th 5K Race

    My 50th 5K race has been run I crossed the 50th finish line in Wakefield on Wednesday night. This was my 12th Lake Q race with the Mystics during this quest. It was only fitting that I should complete my quest with The Mystics as my first race in this quest was with the Mystics…

  • My First 5K February

    My First 5K February

    I’m a little late with this one, but I’ve been busy shoveling. My First 5K in February was the Super Sunday 5K The race is sponsored by Sanofi Oncology & Genzyme and managed by the Race Cancer Foundation. They had both a 5K and a 5 Mile race that day. I’m working on 50 5Ks this…

  • The Challenge

    The Challenge

    The Challenge You never know what you can do, until you do it! Click on this image to follow this runner. If you can. Run like hell my friends! Andy

  • Baystate Marathon 2014

    The first hour At 3:30 I awoke from a sound sleep, a dream of forgotten memories. I was in bed by 9:41 and quite likely asleep before 10PM. Five plus hours of sleep is the usual for me. I made a 25oz ice coffee last night and added low sugar almond milk to it. I…