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A few thoughts from my commute

I just had a few miscellaneous thoughts this morning, none are sufficient for a blog post of their own.

Reflections on Twin Lights

The Twin Lights Half Marathon goes through many neighborhoods in Gloucester and Rockport. While running the race, a friend of mine saw some guy putting a bag into a trash can in front of his house. He took note of it and it made him nervous for a moment.

He was there, and is still recovering psychologically.

Out of 35 guys in my age bracket I came in 8th! I thought that was more exciting than my PR. I’ve never been in the top 10 in any race unless there were less than 10 guys in my bracket. That just blew my mind.

Big new PR for Gail

Flying Pig Marathon
Now that’s a Medal!

My friend Gail set a new marathon PR at the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon. She cut 51 minutes off of her 1st marathon and this was her 5th PR this year! I saw her last night at our club run and she had all the paraphernalia from the race, including one impressive medal!

BAA 10K Registration

Registration for the BAA 10K opens at 10AM EST today, and I have the BAA web site loaded. Last year I did the Distance Medley and was pre-registered for this race. This year I’m in line with everyone else.

Oh, and my Achilles started acting up yesterday during my lunch time run. So I did run not last night. My stupid routine has been disrupted and I’m feeling the effects.

There goes all of my money

Last night I dropped my car off for service. I’m a little nervous about how much this is going to cost. My car is 10 years old and the AC needs work which will probably include parts. I also have a “check engine” light on which could mean anything, but probably nothing good! I am not looking forward to seeing this bill.

For a loaner they gave me a BMW X3. The guy asked me if I was okay driving the X3. I told him I’d never driven one but, no problem. It took him 5 minutes to explain how to start it and how it works. The car had two driving modes and in economy the engine actually shuts off when you have your foot on the brake pedal at a stop light. What a cool idea to save energy and reduce pollution.

I think the engine may be a little too small for a behemoth the size of this thing, but you see a lot of them on the road. There is a lot of cool technology in these cars that makes my 10-year-old 325xi look like an antique!

a few thoughts
My “sweet ride” or the German version of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle!

So, there’s a few thoughts from my commute.

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2 responses to “A few thoughts from my commute”

  1. Ja @Ja on the RUN Avatar

    Congratulations being 8th!!!
    I was in the top 10 too in my age group during my first ever 5k. I was so happy when I saw the ranking. I can’t blame you for being excited! It’s okay to be proud of our accomplishments big or small. 🙂

  2. imarunner2012 Avatar

    Thanks. 8th place isn’t a big deal to a lot of runners, but I’m usually not even on the list of runners listed for an age group! I’m below the radar so to speak. I was 150-something over all out of 1008 runners which is also the best place finish ever for me.
    I’ve made some changes to how I approach races and it is exciting to see that it seems to be working. So many things either don’t work or the effect is so small it’s not even noticable.