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Boston Marathon Recaps

Since 2003 I’ve run The Boston Marathon ten times and have written several Boston Marathon Recaps.

When I ran my first few Boston Marathon NetScape and Alta Vista were the big players and no one had heard of “social media”. I didn’t even own a cell phone and Steve Jobs hadn’t invented the “smartphone” yet.

Meb Keflezighi, Boston Marathon 2018

I wrote my first Boston Marathon recap in 2012 and fortunate for me, did not run in 2013. I didn’t get a number that year and was on vacation with my family.

Many friends were there and that day had a big impact on all of us. I’ve included one of my posts from 2013 to say a bit about how I felt and a lot of us felt at the time.

If you are running Boston for the first time, these recaps may give you a few tips on what to expect. Things to do and things not to do. They will probably give you a few laughs also.

In addition to a few marathon recaps, I’ve included two of my tips post and a post on a movie about the 1964 Boston Marathon, produced by a Harvard University film student.

The film is interesting as it shows how the race was run in the old days and some of the ways people trained. It’s also interesting because it shows what Boston looked like 60 years ago. Some familiar landmarks and some you may have never seen.

My Boston Marathon Recaps

A bit of advice for running Boston

Boston Marathon 1964

I hope your training is going well, that you have great weather on Marathon Monday and that you run well.

Run well my Friends!

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