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Boston’s Run to Remember Medals

What a great day for a race!

Temperature was in the mid 50’s the entire race. As we crossed the Mass Ave bridge The Charles looked like glass.

People did go down for the count along the way and some required medical attention. 8,000 lined up for The Half and 4,000 lined up for the 5 Miler. We all started at 7AM and ran together for the first 2.5 to 3 miles. It was very crowded, even after the two groups split.

I’ll have a race report on Tuesday.

I have the display frame for the Boston’s Run to Remember finisher’s medal on OmniRunning. The medal looks just like a police badge. Very cool, but a challenge to create a tight inlay cut. I’ll be doing these by hand using my medal as the template.

These frames are available for $29.95 and you can also order these at Marathon Sports in Melrose.

display frame, Boston, half marathon
Run to Remember 2014
Wakefield, half marathon, medal
Run to Remember 2003

The 2003 frame is available as a special request only. It was my first half marathon. Probably not that many people are looking to frame a medal that old. My medal had some corrosion starting before I framed it. Getting a medal into a protective enclosure reduces exposure to moisture, ultra violet light and the wear and tear of being in a drawer with a bunch of junk.

Run well my Friends,

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