My First 5K Finishers Medals 2017 in Display Frames

Check out the 2017 My First 5K Medals in display frames.

The 2017 ribbons have a Velcro clasp which allows for many more medal display options.

My First 5K Medal – Zig Zag Ribbon

My First 5K Medal, First 5K Combo, display frame, 5k medals

My First 5K Medal with vertical ribbon display

first 5k display frame, first finishers medal, 5k medal

My First 5k Medal with standard display

my first 5k frame, 5k medal display, 5k medals


medal ribbons, race ribbons

how it feels to get your first 5k Medal, first 5k


We are ready for any summer 5K race that you talked your friend or child into running with you. Don’t you think they deserve a special medal?

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How it feels to get your first 5k medal

How it feels to get your first 5K Medal

Do you remember how it felt to get your first 5k Medal? Can you still feel the thrill? The excitement?

Do you remember what it felt like to walk around after the race with the medal swinging around your neck?

For the past three years I have been helping to create that feeling for first time racers. Parents from all over the country have ordered My First 5K medals for their child’s First 5k race.

Sometimes I get an email from Mom or Dad about their runner’s experience.

Here is part of an email I recently received from one mother.

I want to personally thank you so much for having the MY First 5K medal. I inspired my 6 year old daughter to train for her first 5K with the promise of a participation medal upon completion of the race.

We trained 2 or 3 times a week running through the neighborhood. At first she really struggled with it, and I reminded her that she was working toward that medal that she wanted so badly.

A few days prior to the run I discovered that the race we had signed up for no longer offered participation medals, and I was at a loss.

That is when I found you. Not only did you have EXACTLY what I needed, but you also went out of your way to make sure that I received it in time.

I can’t say enough how perfect it was to not only share my love of running with her, but also, at the end when she not only completed the race, but RAN the entire 5k, I had a medal in my pocket to commemorate this AMAZING moment. She was so happy, and felt so special, it was AWESOME. Life just doesn’t get much better then that.


how it feels to get your first 5k Medal, first 5kAngela’s comment captures why I do this. She was proud that her daughter stuck with the training and then ran the entire race.

She was able to share her love of running with her daughter and then show her how proud she was.

As Angela write’s “Life doesn’t get much better than that.”

Just like their first step or first word, your child’s first race only happens once. It is a special moment that should be cherished.

A medal is more than an object, it is a symbol of pride and accomplishment that your child will carry with them for years.

When Angela’s daughter is off to college or making her way in the world, she will always have that medal to remind her that her mother is very proud of her. That her mother loves her and believes that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Just look at that face.

Omni Running Sponsors Run for All Ages 2016

Omni Running Sponsors Wakefield Educational Foundation

The New England 65+ Runners Club sponsors the Wakefield Educational Foundation with their Omni Running Sponsors Wakefield Educational Foundationannual, Run for All Ages 5K race. For the past three years Omni Running has sponsored the Run for All Ages with the My First 5K Medal.

Omni Running Sponsorship continues to grow each year. For the first time the My First 5K Medal was offered on the registration form and web page. This was a big help increasing our sponsorship.

Run For All Ages 2016

This race is a celebration of running for all ages and well into our golden years. Two runners were in their 90s: Lou Peters and Robert Hunter. The oldest woman to finish, Phyllis Mays, is in her 80s. The oldest man to finish in the top 10 was Fabio Piergentili of Andover, aged 53 in 8th place at 17:45.

The youngest runners were 8 years old! Several more were 9 year olds, Tweens and Teens.

Run for All Ages 2016The top male runner was Antonio Wilson of Everett with a finish time of 15:19 and an impressive pace of 4:56! I believe that this was a new course record.

The top 10 finishers all ran a 6:00 pace or less. The top 28 finishers all ran a 7:00 pace or less. Five of those runners were in their 60s!

The top female runner was Meghan Weaver of Peabody with a finish time of 19:11 and a 6:11 pace!

Runners come from all over to run this race. Cameron Dorn is from South Carolina and came in 4th over all. All of the New England states, except Connecticut, were represented. Several runners came in from New York and Florida to run the race. Possibly students or Snow Birds.

Encouraging Young Runners

omni running sponsors run for all ages, my first 5k medalI have run this race several times but found it distracting to both run and sponsor the race.

Providing medals to first time runners requires my full attention. I enjoy talking to these new runners and seeing the look in their eye. They may be a little nervous, but they are also proud and happy to be participating in this event.

I love talking to them one runner to another. While mom or dad stands by I talk to them as equals. I may be old enough to be their grand father, but today we are two runners talking about a race.

The medal is a symbol of their accomplishment. Today they will accomplish and complete something few of their friends have, a 5K race. I hope that talking to them as equals helps them feel comfortable and accepted into the running culture. My goal is to help create life time runners.

Affirmations of love and pride

Not everyone who runs their first 5K is a youngster. The first person to buy a medal three years ago was close to retirement. She was just as excited about running her first race as a person a quarter of her age!

This year I got to put medals around the neck of several First 5K runners. Most of them were not yet teens but one runner was an adult. I’ll never forget the smiles on their faces.

One girl seemed a little embarrassed that her mother bought a medal for her. I’m sure that as time goes by she will look at that medal and remember how proud her mother is of her.

Every child wants their parents to be proud of them, even if it appears otherwise. Some people go their entire life seeking that affirmation from the most important person in their lives.

Several children received that affirmation of pride and love at the Run for All Ages 2016. It was an honor to be a small part of that.



Run for All Ages 5K 2016

Registration for the 15th Annual Run For All Ages 5k is now open! Race date is Saturday November 5, 2016 at 10:00am.

The first 250 runners registered will receive a race shirt, so don’t delay. Age group prizes will be awarded across all age groups – in five year increments from 60+. Enjoy a fun post race party with lots of raffle prizes.

All of our friends over 80 can register for free!

Online entry fees are $22.00 for adults, and $10.00 for youth 13 and under (plus processing fees).

Register HERE

Run for All Ages 5K Sponsorship

5k medals,first 5k,run medalsOmni Running is a sponsor for the 3rd year in a row. For the first time, My First 5K medals can be ordered with the on-line registration form. No need to worry about bringing cash or a credit card to the race.

Medals are $10.00 and proceeds benefit the Wakefield Education Collaborative.

Bring your child, friend or spouse along and make sure they get a great medal to celebrate their First 5K.

This is the race that gave me the idea for this medal. Everyone running their First 5K deserves a medal, even if they don’t place in the top 3.

Every child who decides to run their first 5K deserves a medal worthy of their initiative and effort. Show your child how proud of them you are with a very special medal that only a few will receive on race day.

Most races do not provide a finisher’s medal. Register for the Run for All Ages 5K and be sure your child receives a medal for their first 5K!

See you at the race!


5 Favorite Running Medals

Favorite Running Medals

Favorite running medals can be easy to pick from the pile. One may be your first race or your first Boston Marathon. Some medals look like works of art.

running medals, marathon medalsLooking at and holding a running medal brings a rush of memories for me. Sometimes I can recall conversations or things people said. Often I can recall the struggles and challenges of that race.

Do you have this recall when you look at a medal? I can even remember the smell of BBQ while running through Newton and Wellesley during Boston Marathons. A gel is no substitute for a cheese burger!

Keep Your Memories Strong

Memories tend to fade over time. Even a medal can loose it’s ability to trigger memories.

To form a strong association and keep memories vivid, you should look at your medal soon after a race. Hold the medal in your hands and think about the day, your race and who you spent time with.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have done, the work and sacrifice.

Forming a strong association soon after the race will help maintain your memories over the years. Pulling the box of medals out once in a while will help maintain those memories for you.

The end of a race can be a highly emotional time. I’ve teared up at the finish line on Boylston street a few times, and it wasn’t from pain!

Baystate, PR, marathonI’ll always remember when Mike Hartin met me at the finish line at The Bay State Marathon a few years ago. I was in tough shape and disappointed with my run. He probably spent two minutes with me but he literally gave me the physical support I needed to get through the finish area and gave me a pep talk along the way.

Just envisioning that medal brings back so many memories.

We don’t get medals at every race, but as runners we are lucky to have these symbols to help us recall some amazing times.

Here are five of my favorite running medals

boston marathon medals, award frame

This is my first Boston Marathon medal from 2003. They were a lot smaller and simpler back then.

I recall so many memories from this first marathon. Way too many for this brief post.

My favorite is when I was on Boylston Street with the finish line in sight. I was in tough shape and totally focused on getting to that finish line.

Then beside me a little voice called out “Hi Daddy!” I looked over and saw my 8-year old daughter running next to me. I was so shocked I felt like I almost fell over.

I took her hand and we ran across the finish line together. Talk about a cherished memory!

Running medals
This medal is from my first race ever. It was the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial Half Marathon.

The race took place in Wakefield and began in the office park on Lake Quannapowitt.

I recall standing next to the lake as a frigid wind blew across the ice and through my nylon running shorts and cotton t-shirt. I had my first starting line conversation with a cute runner about her running shoe collection.

I learned a lot of lessons that day that you can only learn from running a race. This medal helps me recall some of the moments from my first race ever.

Boston Marathon 2016, favorite running medals

Well, this one is hanging backwards around my neck. It’s my finisher’s medal from the 2016 Boston Marathon.

The memories are freshest from this race. I ran for FamilyAid Boston and ran with a few of my team mates at different parts of the race. Being part of a team supporting an important organization added meaning to my training and the race it self.

With this medal I recall all of my fundraisers and people who donated and helped me train.

I’ll always recall my volunteer time at the BAA number hand-out on Sunday night with fellow MRC members. I can also recall the bus ride to Hopkinton and hanging out before the race with my friend Don Keren.


favorite race medals, ras na heirnann 5k

This medal is from the Ras Na Heirnann 5K held annually in Davis Square, Somerville.

I’m not sure which year this is, but I love the art work. They use the same art on the race shirts and they look awesome.

I usually run this race with friends, so I have many good memories from the race and hanging out afterwards.

This is one of my favorites more for the art work than anything else. Not that we didn’t have fun, it’s just a very well done medal.


bay of fundy marathon medals, favorite race medals

This photograph was provided by The Bay of Fundy Marathon. The medal is in the shape of a sea urchin shell and created by local craftsman, Richard Klyver.

This medal is from the 2014 race.

The race begins and ends in Lubec Maine, which is probably the smallest town I’ve ever run any race out of.

This race holds many great memories. I went with my big sister and we got to spend some all to rare time together.

We met some of her friends from work and her town, totally unexpected. The people were so friendly and welcoming, I wanted to move there!

We also met a physics student from Heidelberg who was doing a summer exchange program at Brandeis University. He needed a ride back to Boston and word got around that we were headed that way.

He had never run a marathon before so several of us did our best to prep him the night before the race. Fortunately he had done some running, had the right shoes and was very young.

The chance encounters just kept blowing us away. I’d love to run this race again, but I just know the second time will never come close to the first time.

I truly cherish the memories from this race. It was a special moment in time.

Your Favorite Running Medals

You’ve seen a few of my favorites. What about you? Do you have a medal that brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye?

Most days are not commemorated the way a race day is. Medals are strong symbols of a day in your life and what you accomplished that day.

Many of mine have been framed, many more have not. Even though I sell frames, only the special medals get framed. There is only so much wall space.

Framing your medals is the best way to protect them and keep them from getting lost. If you do not frame your medals, put each one in a sandwich bag and keep them in a marked box.

If you have a special medal that you would like to frame and protect, please check out my Frame Shop HERE.

Tell us about your favorite medal and I’ll post it on a future post.

Run Well my Friends!


My First 5K Medal Pricing

2020 My First 5K medals are available. Ribbons come with white or pink print. Order 5 or more medals and get free shipping and a discount!

Are you a member of a running club or a boot camp? Is your company organizing a company fun run or sending a company team to a local 5K?

5k running medals for first time runners, running awardIf you want to order medals for your first time 5K runners, you can get a discount!

Orders of 5 or more medals receive free shipping.

Now you can also get a discount on the medals. Price breaks are at quantity 5, 10, 15 and 20+.

If you need more, have questions or the pricing isn't adjusting, send me a quick note at [email protected]

5k running medals for first time runners, running awardNew for 2020 you can order medals with white or pink print on the ribbon!

My First 5K Medal - white print

My First 5K Medal - pink print

My First 5K Medal Prices

While you probably don't need as many medals as a 5K race would, you probably need more than five medals.

Boot Camps, Summer Camps, Schools, Scout Troops; all of these organizations encourage good health. Now it is easy to order just the number of finishers medals that your group needs and save some money.

Medals Price Shipping
1 - 4 $9.95 $3.00
5 - 9 $8.95 FREE
10 - 14 $7.95 FREE
15 - 20 6.95 FREE
20 + 5.95 FREE


I use the US Postal Service for shipping. This allows me to get medals to you in 3-4 business days in the Continental US. Alaska and Hawaii should allow a week for delivery.

I can ship My First 5K Medals to a PO Box, business or home address.

If you are shipping to a PO Box, make sure you have the key. I shipped medals to one race and their treasurer was the only person with a key to the PO Box.

I can ship My First 5K medals anywhere in the world. Several times I've shipped to Honk Kong and Guam!

If you are outside of the US and want to order medals, please contact me at [email protected]