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Omni Running features my blog posts and occasionally curated articles and guest bloggers on topics of interest to you.

The goal of Omni Running is to offer running advice, encouragement, good stories and the occasional rant. I will also offer the occasional running shoe review and reviews of other products that I have used and like.

I chose the name Omni Running because this blog is all about running, all things running. I don’t run track, ultras or obstacle races but I will probably post some articles on these running activities.

Omni Running topics will include:

  • Tips to help you start running or keep running
  • Race re-caps
  • Information on upcoming races
  • Product reviews
  • Nutrition and food reviews
  • General interest, pontifications and mayhem

My First 5K medals

5k medals,first 5k,run medalsI help non-profits raise money through their 5K races with the My First 5K medal. You may not realize how many races are put on by non-profits who use the races to fund their programs. Probably close to 75% of races are sponsored by local non-profit organizations.

Some raise money for medical research and to support people surviving through various conditions.

Other races help kids get swimming lessons or go to summer camp.

If the My First 5K medal can help one kid learn to swim or go to summer camp, I’ll count that as a win. If money raised through sales of the My First 5K medal can help one cancer survivor pay their expenses, I’ll call that a win.

An Award not a Prize

Many people feel that too many awards are given away just for showing up. If you have ever run a 5K, you know that finishing a 5K race is more than just showing up.

Most people train for their First 5K, or they pay for it while running the race.

The My First 5K medal is an award for running a first race. This is something most people never do. I want to encourage more people to run their First 5K. Hopefully receiving an awesome medal at their First 5K will make them pursue medals at other races.

childrens race,childrens medalSometimes for kids, the idea of getting a cool medal is all it takes to get them to go to your next race and run with you. Running a race with your child is an awesome experience. Initiating them into the healthy life-style of a runner is a priceless gift.

Click the medals photo above for more information and to order a medal for your first time 5K runner.

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