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Favorite Race Shirts

Favorite Race Shirts

Everyone has their favorite race shirts. Some race shirts have sentimental value, some look great and some wear well. Some runners get rid of all of their shirts and don’t seem to have any favorite race shirts!

I keep all of my race shirts, much to the consternation of my wife! I have piles of my favorite race shirts.

There is some debate about race shirts. Race sponsors like them because they get there name on shirts and potentially get years of exposure. What better way to associate health and vigor than to have your company name on a runner’s shirt?

Most running shirts are made from “engineered” or synthetic materials.

When washed, small pieces of these synthetic materials break off and are drained away when the washer drains. Municipal waste water systems are not designed to filter these particles out of waste water, so they end up being dumped back into the environment.

Cotton shirts do not have this problem, but growing and manufacturing cotton has it’s own set of issues.

Here are a few of my favorite race shirts

The inaugural BAA 10K shirt isn’t particularly fancy. Just a blue shirt with the BAA logo in gold. The shirt is 100% polyester and is very comfortable to wear. This is one of my favorite race shirts because it’s from an inaugural race and is comfortable to wear.

Another reason this is one of my favorite race shirts is because I have run this 10K race each year since it began. This is the only race that I have run every year since it began and for that reason this shirt will always be special to me. Hopefully for many years to come.BAA 10K 2011, BAA 10K shirt










Moving Beyond Witness

This race took place in 2015 in Medford. This was the summer I was on my quest to run 50 5K races before I turned 51. I was happy to find a 5K close enough to walk to.

The Congolese Genocide Awareness organization sponsored this race. This was also an inaugural race and had less than 100 runners. Probably due to the low turn out, they decided not to hold the race again. This shirt is 100% cotton, which makes it a casual shirt, not a running shirt.

This shirt is one of my favorites because I love the design. Runners of all colors running together in harmony. The message, “Moving Beyond Witness” imploring us to not sit idly by watching the news while our fellow human beings are being killed. The design was well done and the message was delivered gently.

Medford 5K race, favorite race shirts









AIDS Walk Boston

The AIDS Action Committee has held this event for the past 31 years. While much progress has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS, much still needs to be done.

I like this shirt for the clean, simple design. If you look closely, the Boston skyline is in the tread of the shoe. I’m not sure what the significance of the three colored dots are, but I’d like to find out.

This shirt is a cotton/poly blend which makes it great for wearing around. The high contrast logo makes it easy to raise awareness just by going for a walk.

AIDS Walk Boston, favorite race shirts









Boston Marathon 2016

When I started running the Boston Marathon in 2003, the shirts were long-sleeve cotton shirts. These were good for late summer, early fall kicking around shirts. But the print, much like memories, fades too soon on cotton shirts.

For the past ten years or so the BAA has provided tech shirts from Adidas. While I generally do not run in long-sleeved shirts, sometimes I will wear one of these tech shirts on a cool summer run or over an Under Armor shirt in the fall.

Each year the BAA has to come up with a new design and color scheme. This year they went with stripes on the Marathon and 10K shirts. I have not seen the BAA 5K or Half-Marathon shirts, but I imagine they also have the same stripe design.

Boston Marathon 2016

While not my favorite Boston Marathon shirt, I did run this race.

Each Boston Marathon shirt is special to me. Much like a nice medal, which Boston also provides, looking at, holding and wearing these shirts brings back rushes of memories.

Over the years, all Boston Marathons meld together into a collage of memories on a mental bulletin board covered in photos, clippings and little videos. And then a moment will pierce through the haze of memories and reminiscences and become crystal clear.

For a moment a tear or a smile will appear on my face spontaneously. I am alive in that moment. I can feel the excitement of being in the starting corrals in Hopkinton. A moment shared with a stranger in the crowd or a hand slap with a young spectator.

The smell of food, the sound of bands and spectators fill my ears. The burn in my legs as I made my way up some hill and the feeling of it never-ending and then of it ending all of a sudden. Too soon.

Sometimes the tear the smile and the adrenaline surge are one. While every recollection is not glory and joy; the richness of the memories is priceless.

While every shirt doesn’t hold the memories of a Boston Marathon, may hold similar memories and that is why I hold onto so many of them. Life is about memories. If we don’t have memories of our lives what’s the point? What did we do with our time?

While total recall is impossible for most of us, many rich gems can be teased out of something as simple as an old cotton shirt.

Cambridge City Run 2015

This was another race in my quest for 50 5Ks by 50. During this quest, often I worried that a race would be just a check box race on my way to 50, where the only thing that mattered was finishing.

Being in the moment at each race and experiencing the day invested meaning into each race beyond the finish.

I was really in the moment that day. I ran a hard 4 miler the day before and took advantage of a warm gym to do a good stretch before the race. I recall really feeling like a runner. I met some new friends for the first time that day and we have run many races together since.

I like the clean simplicity of this shirt. It is also a cotton blend and I wore it during the race over my Under Armor, it was March after all.

Favorite race shirts, Cambridge City Run

This was a 5 mile race around Fresh Pond Reservoir just down the road from Alewife.

I came back to this area for a long run last spring when I was training for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

There is NO parking for non-Cambridge residents at the res.

While the trail is great, the unfriendly parking situation kind of sucks.


JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

The shirt pictured here is the one my company provided for our team. It is a high quality Brooks shirt. It is a poly/Spandex blend and is very comfortable. It is also a v-neck t-shirt which is a style I have come to like.

I loved running this race and spending time with my colleagues outside of the office. T-shirts and shorts have a way of leveling the field. No one cares about your title or the car you drive. We had managers and new hires on our team, and we were all runners.

I have several of these shirts and each one reminds me of those special evenings spent getting to know my colleagues better, doing what I love and enjoying a beautiful summer evening in Boston.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, favorite race shirts


Do you have any favorite shirts? Maybe a shirt that has seen a few too many runs and a few too many washes?

Send me a photo of your favorite shirt and why it is special to you.

When I get a few photos I’ll create a post and feature your shirt and your story.

Run well my friends!


Adidas – BAA announce new store

The BAA and Adidas announce a new retail store

Adidas, running shoesMay 2nd, 2015 Adidas and the Boston Marathon, announce the launch of the Boston Marathon® RunBase in partnership with Marathon Sports, Inc. The Adidas exclusive community experience will open mid-April just steps from the finish line. The initiative is the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be the center of running in Boston, located at the 26-mile mark of the legendary course on Boylston Street.

RunBase is more than a shop to buy running shoes. Check out the full announcement on the BAA web site for more cool details.

If you register with Adidas they will send you a discount code for 15% off through April 19th.

Through April 30th Adidas is offering free shipping on orders over $49.00. I think we all know it wont be hard to spend $49.

Run well my friends,


Winter gear

Winter Gear

winter gear, cold weather running

In January I updated some of my winter gear. I bought some Vermont Made “Darn Tough” wool running socks. I also bought Saucony running mittens with wind blocking fabric.

The Saucony mittens have been great. Quite often my hands end up sweating after a few miles instead of freezing. I’ll take it.

The wool socks are pretty good. But once the “Real Feel” or “Wind Chill” temp dips below freezing my toes start to go numb.

On the way home from the Burbank YMCA 5K Classic I stopped by the Melrose Marathon Sports. Alison set me up with upgrades.

New Winter Gear

I picked up a pair of balega Enduro socks. These socks are 54% “Mah-rino wool” which is part of their “Drynamix Moisture Management” fiber. Their yarns are manufactured in the US and the socks are knit is South Africa.

Brooks Adrenaline ASR GTX, running shoes, balegaI also picked up a pair of Brooks Adrenaline ASR GTX shoes. These are constructed more like a trail shoe. The big secret is that they are lined with Gor-tex. I told Alison about my feet getting cold and she said these shoes should help.

I’m running the DCR 5K in Saugus on Sunday in Breakheart. The forecast shows a high in the low 50’s. Our race starts at 9:30 so the temperature will probably still be in the 30’s or 40’s for the race.

I’ll give my new gear a test run and let you know how it goes.

Winter weather is nothing to fool with. If you are a new runner it is now time to get good mittens, jacket, pants and hat. Wind proof is best if you can afford it.

Respect the distance, respect the weather.

Run well my friends!


Summer Running Advice

Summer Running Season is finally here.

We endure freezing cold winters and soggy springs to get to this beautiful weather. Ideal running conditions are temps in the 50’s, low humidity and maybe overcast skis and a light breeze. Sometimes we get perfection, but usually we do not.

Running takes up a lot of our spare time, often that spare time is not the best time for running. It is best to run in the morning or the evening and avoid the heat, strong sun and high UV index. Air quality is often better with fewer cars on the road also.

So what to do when the only time you have to run is in the middle of the day in blistering heat? It takes time for our bodies to acclimate. Give your self some time to build up your distance running in high temps. If you usually run 10K for a training run, cut back to a 5K on the first hot runs.There is more to training than just racking up the miles. If your body has time to adjust to the heat, you will perform better at races and during training runs.

Hydration is key

If you don’t normally carry a bottle, you may want to start. The best idea is to have a re-usable bottle that you can toss in the freezer for a bit to chill your water. I think cold water tastes better, and cold water will stay cool longer out in the heat. You may even want to use a sports drink even for your 5K run. You will be sweating more than usual so the electrolytes in these drinks could make your run more comfortable.

If you run in an urban area, you may want to map out water sources. You may find public drinking fountains in a park or along a walking path. Some stores will have fountains just inside the door. Tucking a $5 in your pocket is another idea, as you can pop into a store and buy an ice-cold bottle of water should you need it.


heat stroke, heat, summer running
Dress for the heat

Light colors are best when running in the heat and sun. They do not absorb as much heat from the sun and they make you feel cooler also. A hat or visor will help protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, reduce glare and shade your face. Now is the time to wear your singlets and tech running shirts.

Select your Route Carefully

During the 2012 Boston Marathon, I made a great effort to run on the shaded side of the road. I wasted energy crossing the road to get into the shade, but I feel it made a difference. A shaded area can be 10 degrees cooler than a sunny area. If you can run on trails or in a park with a lot of coverage, it may be your best choice.

If you can run along a river, stream or a lake or ocean shore that could be ideal. You may be more exposed to the sun, but you will have the cooling effect of the water and possibly a breeze off of the water.

Warning signs of Heat Stroke

If you are out running in the heat and feel confused, (more than normal), are not sweating, have a rapid and weak pulse or have cramps or seizures, you could have heat stroke. Early signs of heat stroke are profuse sweating, fatigue, thirst and cramps. Many of us experience these symptoms all the time. If you are running on a hot day be sure to pay closer attention to these symptoms.

If you notice that you are no longer sweating, feel confused or don’t know where you are, seek help immediately. You need to get to a cool place, lie down if possible and drink something. If possible raise your feet about 12 inches.

The NIH has additional information that you may want to take a quick look at. It could save your life, or someone you know.

Run well my friends,


© anagelin 2014

Last Long Run

This past Sunday the Melrose Running Club had their last long run of the season.

The long route was 12.5 miles and the short route was 7.1 miles. The long route took us over the Fellsway Hills twice! On the way out I charged up the hill and practiced running on my forefoot. There were four hills with elevation changes of 100 to 200 feet each. The Fellsway hills on the way out were about a 150 foot climb over a mile or so.


lant long run
elevation map



Practice run

I wanted to use this last long run to test my Boston strategy. I carried a bottle of Gatorade with me that I picked up at a BAA Runner’s Clinic. It’s the same formula they will have on the course so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try on a long run. The taste was fine and my stomach did not have any issues.

The bottle has a twist top which makes it easy to drink from while running, without worrying about dropping the cap. One twist, squeeze the bottle and your are done.

During The Marathon, I plan to avoid the first few water stops by using the bottle instead. The water stops start at mile 2 and are then at every mile. At mile two the crowd will be thinning out a little bit but there is usually congestion at the stops until well into the race.

Later in the race I’ll probably walk the water stops. I still had drink in my bottle at the end of Sunday’s run, so I should be able to get to Natick before I need to grab a cup and walk. At that point in the race I’ll still be able to walk and not worry too much about my legs tightening up.

I also wore the singlet I plan to wear for the marathon. It was in the 40’s Sunday morning but I did not wear an Under Armor top. It was a little chilly starting out but by mile one I could feel the sweat under my arms. I used TwoToms body glide in my usual problem spots and didn’t have any problems. I’m fairly confident that I can run 26.2 miles in this top without any issues. If the weather looks bad for Marathon Monday I know I can add the Under Armor shirt before the bag drop on the Boston Common.

I also wore my Amphipod belt fully loaded with various gels. I took my phone out of the Otter Box case and it took up much less space in my belt. I forgot how thin the phone is without the case. I’ll probably put it in a sandwich bag for The Marathon just to give it some water protection. They are so fragile and expensive, it made me a little nervous to have it out of the “protective” case.

At Marathon Sports on Saturday I picked up a clip on pouch from Amphipod. It’s about 7×4″ and has a firm clip. I loaded it with four gels and clipped it to my belt. It was okay, but it seemed more secure clipped to my waist band. It bounced around some but nothing intolerable.

long run, running
Long Run Map

I turned the 12.5 mile run into a 13.06 mile run: almost a half. My pace was 8:57 and my time was 1:56. I’d like to be closer to 1:50 at the half-way mark in Wellesley on Marathon Monday. That will give me 10 minutes to play with and still hit my goal of a 4 hour Boston Marathon.

On the glide path

Now that the last long run is over, it’s all down hill until Newton! I’ll run 3-4 miles a couple of times next week and skip the Tuesday night club run – no more running in the dark. It’s time to focus on diet and keeping the fiber content low.

When I pick up my BAA drop bag on Friday I’ll know what I can bring. The bag looks pretty small in the photos, so I’ll be packing very light. Maybe a t-shirt and change of socks.

Are you ready? Bags all packed?

Run well my friends!


© anagelin 2014

LOCO announces 2014 Jacket

LOCO Mike sent out a message on Tuesday confirming that The Half at the Hamptons IS ON this year. Mother Nature is smiling on us this time around.

I’ve included the link here in case you need directions. Since we’ve had a lot of snow, parking may be a challenge so you should plan to arrive early.

It may still me cold and windy, but there shouldn’t be any rip tides on Ocean Blvd. this year! Registration for The Half is closed now, no race day registration. Yesterday someone asked me if I knew of an available number. If you have one please let me know.

Like many of you, I signed up for The Will Run For Beer Series this year. I always run at least five of these races and $5 extra to get a running jacket is well worth it. In keeping with recent tradition, here is the new look:

smuttynose, loco running

will run for beer; race series; loco running

I’m not a fan of neon colors, but the blue accents make this jacket look pretty sharp. This is an artists rendering so the jacket they hand you may look slightly different.

A few years ago the jacket was white and made of a stiffer material. I think it was probably more waterproof and windproof than the 2013 jacket. In comparison to the 2014 jacket, the other two look a little boring.

What do you think of these new colors? Do you like the “new” neon colors? Are they just a trend or are they here to stay? Will we all look back in a few years and wonder what the hell were we thinking?

When I was a kid all fire trucks were red. People thought that was the best color to enable people to see them at a distance. Then sometime in the 80’s these neon trucks began showing up. The paint was not only bright, but also reflective. This really made a fire truck show up at a distance. As if lights and 150db sirens were not sufficient.

Runner Safety

We are all concerned with safety. No one wants to die while out for a run or while participating in a race. Running may save your life, but it’s not worth dying over. I wear a head lamp and have one of those LL Bean hats with the built-in LED lights.

We have to be aware of our surroundings and take appropriate precautions based on the conditions and our location. Lights and reflective gear are the smart choice in low light or low visibility conditions. Wearing these types of items is no different than wearing a jacket when it’s cold or sun screen in the sun. It’s the smart thing to do. We all want to live to run another day. Cyclists aren’t the only ones who get to wear outlandish looking clothes!

Run well my friends!