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Brooks Running, running shoes, balega

Winter gear

Winter Gear

winter gear, cold weather running

In January I updated some of my winter gear. I bought some Vermont Made “Darn Tough” wool running socks. I also bought Saucony running mittens with wind blocking fabric.

The Saucony mittens have been great. Quite often my hands end up sweating after a few miles instead of freezing. I’ll take it.

The wool socks are pretty good. But once the “Real Feel” or “Wind Chill” temp dips below freezing my toes start to go numb.

On the way home from the Burbank YMCA 5K Classic I stopped by the Melrose Marathon Sports. Alison set me up with upgrades.

New Winter Gear

I picked up a pair of balega Enduro socks. These socks are 54% “Mah-rino wool” which is part of their “Drynamix Moisture Management” fiber. Their yarns are manufactured in the US and the socks are knit is South Africa.

Brooks Adrenaline ASR GTX, running shoes, balegaI also picked up a pair of Brooks Adrenaline ASR GTX shoes. These are constructed more like a trail shoe. The big secret is that they are lined with Gor-tex. I told Alison about my feet getting cold and she said these shoes should help.

I’m running the DCR 5K in Saugus on Sunday in Breakheart. The forecast shows a high in the low 50’s. Our race starts at 9:30 so the temperature will probably still be in the 30’s or 40’s for the race.

I’ll give my new gear a test run and let you know how it goes.

Winter weather is nothing to fool with. If you are a new runner it is now time to get good mittens, jacket, pants and hat. Wind proof is best if you can afford it.

Respect the distance, respect the weather.

Run well my friends!

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4 responses to “Winter gear”

  1. sweatingforit Avatar

    Yesterday I forgot to wear my gloves andr really regretted it. Stay warm!

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      My hands actually got sweaty in the mittens. First time that has ever happened in the winter! It’s nice when something actually works.

  2. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

    I just ordered a pair of running mittens from Sugoi, needed something heah, the temps have been in the low/mid 20’s with wind chills in the single to low teens for a while. Right now 30-40’s would feel pretty warm, almost shorts weather – yeah right :-). I just got a new Brooks running jacket, now to find a decent wind proof hat that has a visor, but has something to cover my ears. still searching ๐Ÿ™‚

    Been a fan of merino wool socks for a while, but haven’t tried either of those brands, usually my winter running shoes are 1/2 size larger for my woolies ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with your training and enjoy the run ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was down in your neck of the woods last Monday, still don’t know how you guys put up with the Boston traffic, even though the drivers were a lot more courteous than they used to be. Hell I even had someone let me in when I got in the wrong lane. Never happened in the 90’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Some days are better than others. I leave for work by 7AM and it only takes about 20 minutes to go about 5 miles! If I leave at 7:15AM it can take 45 minutes.
      Definite advantages to living in Maine. When I worked in Bangor the “rush hour” was about 5 minutes.
      I saw guys in shorts today at the race. I can wear shorts down to 35 or so, but not when there is a breeze/wind. That wind chill is killer.
      I haven’t seen a winter hat with a visor and ear cover. Sounds like a Million dollar idea to me.