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Category: Walking & Running Events in your area

  • Boston’s Run to Remember 2015

    Boston’s Run to Remember registration open I just received an email that registration is open. The first 1,000 runners to register get a special discount price of $60 plus processing fees. I paid $70 last year plus fees! HERE is the link to their site. This race sold out the past two years and will…

  • Omni Runs Friday

    The week in Running Training for Baystate is coming along pretty good. My knee still bothers me sometimes, but the more I run the better it gets. My icing and stretching routine seems to be working. When I trained for Boston this year, my total miles were 318.4. As of this week my miles for Baystate are 308.07,…

  • 6th Annual Granara-Skerry 5K Walk/Run

    The 6th Annual Granara-Skerry 5K Race is next weekend This 5K will be held Saturday September 29th, 2012 in Medford, MA. This is a nice flat course where I ran my 5K PR last year. There were probably 200-300 walkers and runners last year, so it probably will not be a crowded race. Proceeds support pancreatic cancer research. This is a…

  • Friday post

    I don’t have any recent races to write about and I’ve been sick all week so my training program is totally shot. Yesterday I wrote a piece that was about life and changes and not so much about running. So I didn’t think that quit fit in with the theme I’m going for with this…, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0