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Category: Walking & Running Events in your area

  • Parkrun USA

    Parkrun USA

    What is Parkrun all about and how can you join the feel good movement!

  • Meteorological Fall is Here

    Meteorological Fall is Here

    As the world turns and we tilt away from the sun, meteorological fall begins in the northern hemisphere.

  • Time for a Margarita Half Marathon

    Time for a Margarita Half Marathon

    I definitely did not feel like having a margarita after this run. The heat really knocked the snot out of me and booze was the last thing I wanted.

  • Promoting A Race?

    Promoting A Race?

    Are you promoting a race? I get emails every day promoting races of all distances from all over the place. Some of them are very slick and corporate looking. Nothing wrong with that. But these sharp folks don’t seem to understand how runners decide which races to run. Like most of you I get a…

  • BAA 10K Registration

    BAA 10K Registration

    Registration for the BAA 10K is still open In 2013 this race was the first BAA event since the marathon and many people wanted to come out and show their support and stick a finger in someone’s eye. The 2014 race also sold out but not as quickly. Some of the fervor had waned and…

  • Melrose Run for Women

    Melrose Run for Women

    18th Annual Melrose Run for Women This Mother’s Day tradition takes place at Pine Banks Park in Melrose and is a Melrose Running Club production. A unique way to celebrate Mothers Day The Melrose Running Club invites you to participate in the eighteenth running of the Melrose Run For Women on Sunday, May 10th, 2015.…, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0