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Chillin on The Charles

Yesterday I went out for my 3rd run of the week to meet my New Year’s Commitment to do three runs each week. Since I was at work I jogged over to the Esplanade for a quick 5K.

All of the weather forecasts have been saying how nice it was going to be this week in the Boston area. “Nice” is a relative term and in January nice means freezing cold! It may have been 40 degrees out, but there was a nice gust coming off of the Charles River. Going across The Longfellow Bridge my running clothes were no match for Jack Frost and Old Man River.

I was Chillin on the Charles

As I ran across the bridge I looked out at the river. It’s just fantastic to look and see the wild life and the flow of the river. This time of year there are no boats at all on the river. As I was enjoying the view I began to notice that the river was icing over! Now there is a sure sign that Winter is here.

I managed to run about 3.2 miles in 28:20. Not a record or anything but it counts as run #3 for the week. I can feel good about keeping my commitment into the first full week of the New Year. Today I will spend about 45 minutes doing stretching and strengthening exercises in the gym.

For the New Year

I’ve decided not to do a Friday Post every week. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say. When I’m struggling to develop a topic I spend less time working on the writing. I’d like to become a better writer and for me that means spending more time on the writing.

I plan on doing some updates and revisions to the blog also. I’ve been working on a blog roll page where I can have more control over what is on the blog roll. I follow over 250 other blogs. Some of them have nothing to do with running or fitness, some have a little bit to do with fitness but I like their other content.

Some are political or very opinionated and I don’t want to bring that into my blog. Just because I find it interesting or amusing doesn’t mean it belongs on a blog that is essentially about running, fitness and heath.

So with that I’ll close out this Friday Post and spare you my rant on driving and traffic this morning. There were some real jerks on the road today. Nuff said.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great long run this weekend.


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