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LaceLocker Review

lacelocker, laces, running shoesHow many times have you been out for a run and had your laces come undone?

I recently received a pair of LaceLockers from Carol Stanley at STASH Sporting Goods.

LaceLockers are a handy way to keep your laces tied and your run on track.

In running as in life, there are things you can control and things you just have to say, well I won’t say what I say. But you get my drift.

The laces on your running shoes are 100% under your control. Some people like them loose, some tight. Experienced runners know not to knot them too tightly as your feet tend to swell during a long run. Due to nerves or habit, some people tie their shoes several times before a race.

No matter how tight you tie yours on, you don’t want your laces coming un-done and making your trip a short fall.

LaceLocker is an ingenious solution. The instructions below show how they work.

running shoes, laces, lacelocker

LaceLocker Trial Run

I wore them at the Cambridge Winter Classic 5K to test them out. Looking at the printed instructions early in the morning was a little perplexing for my simple mind. I suggest the on-line instructions that I’ve included above, or more coffee!

Omni Running , lacelocker, running shoesI wore my Saucony Omni Running shoes for the race.

I tucked the LaceLocker into the two lace sections available and locked them in place. Ideally the LaceLocker should go through three lace sections, as seen in the instructions above.

I was concerned that they might flop around or fall out of place and cause me to trip or something.

I tied my shoes once before I left home and never touched them again. That’s pretty cool. Normally I re-tie my shoes shortly before the race to make sure everything is just right. It’s one of the controllables and part of my routine.

With LaceLocker my laces never loosened before the race. When it was time to line up all I had to think about was staying warm and getting into position.

LaceLocker is for all laces

Any shoe with laces can use LaceLocker; skates, cleats, tennis shoes etc.

running shoes, lacelocker, lacelockers

My daughters played soccer all the way through school. The laces on their shoes seemed to grow longer as the season went on, and more difficult to stay tied. LaceLockers would have been perfect for their soccer shoes.

If your kids play any sport, they could use a pair of LaceLockers.

Perfect Holiday Gift

Carol tells me there is still time to ship a pair of LaceLockers to you for the holidays. But don’t wait! They make a great stocking stuffer for the athlete on your list or include them with a new pair of running shoes!

Run well my friends!

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