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Leaving the Planet Gangnam Style!*

This morning on the way to work I had one of those out-of-body experiences. I was parked in traffic. Every few moments traffic would move ahead 100 yards and then stop for the next light, bus or pedestrian who does not know what a cross walk looks like.

As I scanned through the radio stations I heard the first notes of Gangnam Style pulsing through my speakers like an electric jolt. A smile crossed my face and I turned it up. As the tune developed into the pulse pounding romp that it is I lost my self in a day-dream of Psy dancing around in his tuxedo and flashy shoes.

Gangnam style
Gangnam_Style_PSY_ (Photo credit: KOREA.NET)

I understand about 5 words in the song, but it is fun to listen to and drew me in this morning. When the song was over I realized I had moved ahead a few blocks and had not even noticed. All that time I was in a Gangnam Style world, far far away.

Have you ever arrived at work and not remembered how you got there? It’s like waking up in the parking lot at work. I hear this story often. Today I did it for a few blocks while I was whooping it up with Psy, Gangnam Style!.

* This is an official random post brought to you by a lack of sleep and caffeine.

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One response to “Leaving the Planet Gangnam Style!*”

  1. smellingthehoneysuckle Avatar

    Every day!! Somedays Im shocked I haven’t ran lights or knocked someone down. My habit is mentally compiling lists such as To Do, shopping, work stuff. I’ve been told that I need to practice mindfulness – live in the moment. Also do you notice if your driving changes depending on what music you listen to??? I was listening to Enya (which I thought was soothing) and suddenly realised I was doing 20mph over the limit. I dread to think what I’m like when dance music is on!!