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London Olympics, August 7th, 2012

London Olympics 2012

I have been watching events out of sequence on my DVR and staying up too late.

I watched Oscar PistoriusBlade Runner” last night in the 400M semi-finals.It was really quite remarkable. I wondered if he had some sort of advantage because he could use different “blades” for different conditions, or might not fatigue as quickly. I wondered if it was impossible for someone without feet to really be able to run this type of race.

He ran 46:54, which is remarkable, but he finished in last place. He said his goal was to make the semi-finals and he did. Just as it is historic that every country sent women athletes this year, I think Oscar’s running is also historic. A man moved from para-athlete to Olympian and competed with the best able-bodied runners in the world. I bet no one reading this could come close to matching his run.

When they interviewed him after the race he was the epitome of a gentleman and Olympian. He was gracious, humble and showed a great deal of respect and admiration for his fellow runners whom he called “gentlemen”. There is nothing quite as dignified as humility.

I watched the other Men’s and Woman’s races also. Usain Bolt continues to amaze the world. I watched Tyson Gay come in 4th in the 100M final, after having hip surgery about a year ago! And my legs are sore!? Tyson is an inspiration for me. If he can run at that level of competition, than I can surely get through some tight hamstrings. When I feel like holding back or cutting short, I’ll think of him.

Watching the women run I could not help admiring their bodies. Hey, I’m a guy what do you want? Some of them looked bulimic, but some of them had the sexiest little torsos a man could ever hope to see on a woman. A six-pack looks pretty sweet on these super fit ladies.

As they were warming up they just looked awesome. God, I wish I was a sprinter! After the heat they would show the race in slow motion. I began to notice that those sweet and sexy torsos don’t look so hot when all of that sweet belly is bouncing around. It kinda looked gross. It was hard to believe the difference in appearance of those super fit and trim bodies in motion versus standing around smiling at the camera.

I then had a sudden realization. If they looked like that when they ran, what the hell do I look like? My BMI is about 22 and my six-pack is under a pizza layer of blubber. It’s must be truly frightening when I come down the street in all my glory. like I had just done in Rockland and during parts of the BAA Boston Marathon. Yikes! Hide the children! Sorry folks.

On race day we all do things we might not normally do, like strip down naked behind bushes that don’t have any leaves. Or contort our bodies into odd positions in public to get just the right stretch. Or wear very revealing clothing.

I hope you are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am, and still finding time to get in a run. I’m going to try for 5K at lunch today.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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3 responses to “London Olympics, August 7th, 2012”

  1. imakeeper Avatar

    I love watching the Olympics!! The bods are super fit and make me realize not as fit as I thought I was :-/ oh well!

  2. Mind Margins/Run Nature Avatar

    I would die to have a body like the Olympic sprinters, but I know they work 10 times harder than I do for those bodies.

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      I know, and they are much younger too! Maybe the dream of having a 6-pack will give me the drive I need to even get close. Way too many beers and pizza to work off., pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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