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Melrose Fire Fighters Father’s Day 5K 2019

The Melrose Fire Fighters Father’s Day 5K is a great family event for runners of all ages and capabilities!

The Kid’s Fun Run began at 9:00 and there must have been thirty kids. That’s a really good turn out and shows how much of a family event this is.

We stood across from the fire station and cheered them on as they ran by. Some had great looks of determination on their faces and were clearly taking this race seriously. It was great to see all of those future Melrose Running Club members striding by.

Running the Melrose Fire Fighters Father’s Day 5K

Melrose Running Club, Melrose Fire Fighters Father's Day 5K

Just before 9:30 the race director gave us directions and thanked us for coming. Then he walked back through the crowd about 50 feet and gave the instructions again. Then the Greater Boston Fire Fighters band marched through the space with staccato drums and waling bagpipes.

With the clanging of a fire bell we were off like a fire company to a call.

This being Melrose, we hit the first incline about 100 feet after the start line. Garmin only shows 3 feet of elevation gain for the entire first mile. It seemed like we had more than that right out of the gate! Oh well.

The Club runs most of this course for some of our Sunday Long Runs, so most of us are very familiar with these roads.

The race started at the top of Melrose Common on 6th Street and wound down Swains Pond Avenue and swung around Swains Pond.

We hit mile one just after the pond. I didn’t feel great but my muscle strain wasn’t bothering me and nothing else hurt. That’s about as good as it gets! Mile one came in at 7:32.

The air was warm and humid and the sun was peeking at us from behind mostly cloudy skies. It felt like the summer race I’ve been waiting for.

As we ran down Swains Pond Avenue towards Lebanon Street I kept pouring it on. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep up this pace or if my heart would blow up, but I kept on going.

At the first water stop I took a cup. I figured I wouldn’t be able to get near the table, but it was a piece of cake. They even gave me a full paper cup.

I did a marathon grab, pinched the cup and managed to get two gulps and soak my shorts! All this without breaking my stride or drowning my self! Sometimes it just works.

There were a few people out cheering us on and people in their cars were patient. I didn’t hear a single honk or holler.

Lebanon Street runs along the backside of Pine Banks Cemetery. I half expected to see the police band in there, I don’t know why. Strange things go through your head when you’re running.

Just before the intersection with Sylvan Street my watch hit mile two at 7:31. I was holding up pretty good but began to slip into bargain mode.

Did I want to beat a 24 minute time or not? Could I beat a 24 minute finish? Of course I could. All I had to do was run.

So I kept running.

About a half mile after Sylvan Street we took a right onto Grove Street. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if someone pasted another “o” on the sign to make it “Groove” Street? All kinds of craziness in the noggin today! I guess I was in my groove.

“Groove” street had more incline as we approached the turn onto Larrabee Street at the bottom of Melrose Common.

We ran past The Common and took a right onto 1st Street for a bit more hill and then another right onto 6th Street for a bit more hill.

As we approached the finish the road flattened out and a guy behind me kicked and pushed past me. From where I was I could see that the clock still had a 23 on it and I was only about 100 meters away.

I managed to keep up my efforts and had an official finish of 23:37. I beat last week’s pace by 24 seconds on a much hillier course.

Melrose Running Club at The Race

The Melrose Fire Fighters Father’s Day 5K is the June Melrose Running Club Race of the Month. We had 34 runners participate this month for our best turn out so far this year!

Not only did we turn out, but we did pretty well also.

Mike Sikkema was the first place male runner at 18:14 and was the only male older than 40 in the men’s top 10!

Andrea Twomey was the fifth place female runner at 23:27. We traded places on the course a few times, but she ran the hills a little better than I did.

Andrea was also first place in her age group.

Cynthia Berger was first in her age group.

Judy Dolan and Jeff Rushton were second in their age groups.

Kristi Taylor, Diarmuid Cahill and I were third in our age groups.


On top of that The Melrose Running Club was the largest team this year and won the American Flag award! The flag is hand crafted from old fire hoses and is pretty cool! It also weighs about 100lbs.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope you had a great weekend.


American Flag, Melrose Fire Fighters 5K
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  1. runningtotravel Avatar

    Great job!

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Thank you.
      It was nice to feel that my injury was behind me.
      If I stay careful with my yard work, I should be good to go.