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MRC Relay, Straw Point Park

Melrose Running Club Virtual Relay

Like all runners, members of the Melrose Running Club have really missed in real life (IRL) races.

Due to State and Local Public Health Department rules, we suspended all club runs in March. Mid summer we started Tuesday night runs for members only with strict rules and pre-registration.

Everyone missed getting together on Tuesday nights and we all really missed racing. Virtual races are just not the same thing.

Melrose Running Club Virtual Relay

While the weather is still good and with all precautions observed, Jim Carson organized the Melrose Running Club Virtual Relay.

Jim manages our Sunday Long Run program and was elected Club President in October.

With an eye towards safe club activities where we can get together and do what we love, Jim organized this relay as one of his first acts as President.

Here are some photos taken by several club members including Bobby Taylor, Jim Carson, Mary O’Connell, Jose Viveiros. Some photos I wasn’t sure who took them so thank you to everyone.

These were all poached off of Facebook and are in no particular order.

I did minimal editing and please feel free to save any that you like. My apologies if I missed anyone.

Andy Nagelin at Straw Point on 2nd lap
Valerie Smith, MRC Relay
Thuy Dang
Thuy Dang, Joe Terranova
MRC Relay at Flynn Rink
MRC Relay, Dawn at Spot Pond
MRC Relay, Straw Point Park
Nicole Jacob
Nick Kollett at the hand off area
Mike Sikkema at the Hand off point
MRC Relay directions
MRC Relay, Andy's 3 loop map
Mike Sikkema passing Stone Zoo
Mary O'Connell and Thuy Dang at Straw Point hand off
Marian Sales passing Stone Zoo
Maria Cavera at Flynn Rink hand off area
MRC Relay, let the sun shine
Kristi Taylor leaving Stone Zoo start
Kristi Taylor at Straw Point
Julie Smith Galvin at Straw Point
Captain Jose at Straw Point
Joe Terranova passing Stone Zoo on 2nd lap
Captain Jim Carson passing Stone Zoo on final lap
Jessica Crispin leaving start area at Stone Zoo
Jessica Crispin at Flynn Rink
Jose finishing at Flynn Rink
Captain Jose managing the team
Jeff Rushton passing Stone Zoo on 1st lap
Haecha Donnelly at Flynn Rink Start
Derm Cahill passing Stone Zoo
MRC Relay
Andy Nagelin at Straw Point on 3rd lap, melrose-running-club-virtual-relay, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0




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  1. Catrina Avatar

    This looks like a really fun relay! I’m so glad you could do this despite the pandemic.
    The photo all look great.