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Melrose Sunday Long Run Four

Sunday Long Run Number Four

This Sunday we had Sunday Long Run number four for 2018. It is August and the weather did not disappoint! While it was officially 75 degrees, it felt much warmer in the sun.

With all of the rain that we’ve had over the past few days the humidity must have been 100%.

We had about forty runners show up for the run. A few new faces and a few familiar faces from other local clubs. There are some regulars who I only see on Sundays.

When I left my house in the morning I had planned to run the full 14.1 miles. Due to a lot of travelling for business and a major airport delay, I haven’t been running much. Part of me wanted to get in some my missing miles and part of me worried that going the distance may be too much.

Decisions in the Heat of the Run

Early in any run it can be difficult to make the legs move. Sunday morning was no different. I was tired, it was hot and I tried not to complain. We complain about the cold all fall, winter and spring. Sometimes you just have to go with what you have been wishing for!

cambridge Summer Classic 5K

We ran down Main Street in Melrose and up West Wyoming towards the Lynn Fells Parkway. After we crossed The Fellsway we hit the hill on Pond Street. There is a paved path just under the tree canopy so I headed to the shade. My buddy Dave and I were surprised that we were already past the 1.5 mile mark. In a way it seemed quick.

As we ran down Pond Street towards The Stone Zoo we were completely exposed to the sun. It was getting hot. As we passed the zoo I saw one of our runners grabbing a drink at a fountain that is slightly hidden and not known to many. I thought about stopping.

Water Stop U-Turn

At the water stop I decided to turn around. Dave was running short and many runners who were running long had already left.

I’ve run this route several times and had a pretty good idea where I was going but lacked the certainty I needed. It was really hot and if I took a wrong turn I could be out here for hours.

Since I wasn’t sure that I’d have someone to follow, I decided to head back with Dave and call seven miles good.

As we ran back the running seemed easier. Part of it was the fact that we were heading home, part of it was that we were now warmed up. Our pace was still pretty slow but we were past the half-way mark!

For the short run there was only the one water stop. While we missed a cold drink and a chance to refuel, we just kept on trucking to the finish!

Run well my Friends,

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