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String Bean Rack and Potted Tomatoes, garden, gardening

Memorial Day Weekend Day Two

Day two of Memorial Day Weekend was a little quieter.

Memorial Day Weekend Day Two Accomplishments

I guess that the biggest accomplishment is that I didn’t do very much and I didn’t feel bad about it.

My car hasn’t moved since Friday afternoon! And I still haven’t washed it.

I did manage to sit down to my computer and write a blog post. It’s been a while since I’ve written a truly new post.

When I sit down to my computer I often get sucked down a rat hole.

There are always email accounts to clean up. Often there is something interesting or even important that requires my attention.

Then there is transferring photos from my phone to my desktop. I always do this since it is an easy backup storage method for my phone. Once the photos are transferred I can delete any that are not that important or I just don’t want to keep.

It’s hard to avoid that shiny object since the folder pops up on my screen as soon as I plug my phone in to charge. I know, don’t plug your phone in!

My photo folders are a mess and sometimes I get sucked into organizing things.

Do garden photos belong in the Garden Photos folder or the Home 2022 folder? And if I used a photo in a blog post should it go in my Blog Photos folder?

There must be a way to “put” a photo in more than one folder. And there must be a way to edit a photo that is “in” one folder and decide if you want to save the edit to the copies stored in another folder.

Who wants to spend a day tagging all of their photos so you can search on tags? That would be a multi-day rat hole.

I may have just given away the idea for the next “killer app”.

Memorial Day Weekend Gardening

Memorial Day weekend is usually a safe time to put plants outside. I’ve been working on some of these for months, so I like to be careful.

Tomatoes, cabbage and cukes in starter potsSome plants are in the garden already, but I had another eight tomato plants that were growing out of their pots.

It was either move them or watch them die. Those tiny starter pots dry out quickly and the heat this weekend doesn’t help.

I also had some cabbages that were still too small to go in the ground so I put them into bigger posts.

Those plants in the foreground are some cucumbers that I planted about two weeks ago. I’m pleased to say that they are still alive!

We had some rain Friday and Saturday night, so planting yesterday turned out to be a good idea.

String Bean Rack and Potted Tomatoes, garden, gardeningWhile Massachusetts is officially in a mild drought, the rain has kept the soil in my garden moist. At least the top inch or so.

The garden is always slow to get started and each year I feel like the garden is going to be a flop. But something always grows!

The conditions are different each year and each year different plants do better than others.

For the past four years I’ve been using raised beds. They are a little easier on the back to work on and you have more control over the soil.

Raised Bed with Swiss Chard and Carrots, garden, gardeningThis year some of my carrots actually came up. Two years ago I was able to grow beets. Swiss Chard seems to be my sweet spot. I’ve grown it successfully two years in a row now.

Those rails are from some broken lounge chairs. I used them to hold up a large sheet of plastic to keep the late frost off of my seedings.

These have all been in the ground for about six weeks.

In the back of the bed some beets have emerged and hopefully some more lettuce will soon show.

Memorial Day Weekend Visitors

My youngest daughter lives about 20 miles away and only comes home once in a while.

This weekend was Anime Boston so she stayed with us Friday night.

When I shut off the lights around 10:30 Friday night she wasn’t here, so I figured that plans had changed.

Then Saturday morning I was in the kitchen getting some coffee and in she walks. She came home after 11PM Friday night, and Ma and Pa Kettle had turned in for the evening by then!

It was a pleasant surprise. She wasn’t here long but we all chatted for an hour or so and got caught up on things.

Then around 3 o’clock my oldest daughter showed up. Totally unexpected by me.

She ended up staying until almost 9PM!

She had taken her grandmother out to lunch and stopped by to visit us since she was in the neighborhood.

She finally got an offer on a house excepted and is very excited.

Even though the house was expensive, there is still much that needs to be done. Such is the state of the real estate market in greater Boston, and I guess the entire country.

We ordered out for dinner and had a nice long conversation about all kinds of things.

I don’t think we’ve seen both girls on the same day since Christmas. And with all the crazy shit going on in our country, it was nice to talk and give a hug or two.

So not a lot of exciting goings on but over all I’d say another great Memorial Day Weekend day!

Run well my Friends!

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2 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend Day Two”

  1. Catrina Avatar

    So nice that your daughters visited you! I’m sure that’s always a nice surprise for the parents.
    My photo organisation isn’t the best. I make a weekly folder with a date and a title of the main event of that week. It isn’t perfect, but it works surprisingly well.

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      If your system works for you, that’s the one you should use.

      Changing how you organize files can be really challenging.

      Sometimes it makes sense when you start but doesn’t make as much sense the next day or week! Then you need to undo it or deal with an even more complex mess.

      If the method still makes sense the next day, it’s still not finished. If you have years of files like I do, it can take days to re-org everything. And while you’re shuffling files it can be difficult to know where something is if you need to find it mid-stream.

      Then there is “mission creep”. You start re-organizing but then change how you label things or you decide to add tags to help identify photos etc. I’ve done this with email at work.

      Travel expenses are one example. Do I put them in the event folder, travel expenses folder or the marketing program folder. Do I want to group expense files, events files or keep all activities and expenses for a marketing program?