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Rage against the dying of the light!

Here it is Monday August 20th all ready. As usual I ask, where has the summer gone? I always try and extend the summer as long as possible. The calendar is the calendar and there is no fighting the eternal movements of celestial bodies. But in my mind, as long as there are tomatoes on the vine and some fair weather, it is summer.

I don’t care that it is starting to get dark earlier. I don’t care that the nightly symphony of insects is beginning to play a different tune in my back yard. At this point in the year the angle of the sun still feels like summer. As the days grow shorter and the shadows grow longer I will need to fight harder to keep my summer alive.

I will sit in my back yard and enjoy the sun on my face, and the green vibrancy of my little sanctuary. I will enjoy the tingle in my hand from the frost of an ice-cold beer. I will not go gently into that good autumn. I will rage, rage against the dying of the light. For as long as there are tomatoes on the vine and sun in my eyes, the summer shall live on!

All will come to pass in good time, regardless of my efforts to brace against the turning of the season. The passing of the seasons cannot be slowed or brought to a halt by a man’s mind. However, a man can make the most of the season he is in and the hope that the season to come will be just as thrilling.

Drink up my friends. Gulp down that glass before you. Do not waste your time pondering over the foolishness of perspective. Bottoms up! Empty that glass and wipe your chin.

My thanks to Dylan Thomas.

Live well my friends!

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One response to “Rage against the dying of the light!”

  1. stretchingintoinfinity Avatar

    Really good point – I often spend so long sulking over the end of Summer that I forget to really enjoy it while I have it!