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Renting a car in Europe?

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Many runners dream of traveling to Europe and running a World Marathon Major such as the Virgin Money London Marathon and the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

There are countless other marathons across Europe and other ways to have a running adventure/vacation of a lifetime.

If you are flying six and a half hours to London or over 10 hours to Berlin, why not make the most of it and stay a few extra days?

You’ve paid for the flight and a few nights in a hotel, a few more nights could turn a destination race into an European adventure!

Renting a car in Europe

Imagine driving across France or Germany and stopping whenever and wherever you want? You can go from town to village to town all the way across The UK or Spain.

Imagine finding a cool trail or park for a run as you travel along?

How about driving to another race? In another country?

How about a road trip across Europe? How many countries can you run in in one week?

Pretty exciting isn’t it?

The idea of renting a car in a foreign country can seem daunting. What are the rules and requirements? Will your US license be valid? What about insurance?

How do you make sure you’re getting the best price?

Auto Europe

<a href="" target="_top"> <img src="" width="160" height="600" alt="Auto Europe Car Rentals" border="0"/></a>Auto Europe has been assisting travelers with their car rental needs for over 60 years and provides the industry’s best service before and during your rental.

Auto Europe has long-standing relationships with the top names such as: Hertz, Avis, National, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise and Europcar. Companies you know.

This allows them to offer you the best rates at over 20,000 pickup locations in 180 countries worldwide.
Their primary focus is providing a quality rental experience for those traveling abroad, primarily to Europe.

Auto Europe allows you to compare all of the top rental companies and know your price when you make your reservation without any hidden fees.

Auto Europe also offers a Ready-to-Go Pickup Guarantee and 24/7 service hotline from pickup to drop off.

Who wants surprises or hassles during vacation? It should be all about the fun and adventure.

With over 60 years of experience Auto Europe can help you through just about anything.

Rules of The Road

Auto Europe has been helping travelers for over 60 years. They know the rules of the road and can help you prepare before you go.

Their website has rules of the road for every country they operate in. Have questions about driving on The Autobahn? How about driving on the left side of the road in The UK? They have your answers on their web site.

Click the image to get the best price and best support on your European auto rental. And don’t forget to check the rules of the road and have a great journey!

Drive well my Friends,

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