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Is the Run to Remember Overpriced

Are you running in the Run to Remember 2016 Half-Marathon or 5 Miler?

Registration is still open and you can save $5 with this coupon code: MARATHON5

Currently registration for the half-marathon is $110. I know that if you registered early it was $75 or $80, which is a bit more reasonable for a city race.

They do have to close down a lot of streets and there is a lot of security. Just the number of details required to keep the streets clear is phenomenal.

They provide a good amount of food and drink at the after race party, but no beer. The medal is also a quality finisher’s medal. I’m sure that some of the food items are purchased but other vendors donate in order to reach 10,000 runners.

Is the Run to Remember overpriced?

At $110.00 for a half marathon, I would say yes. If you have never run in Boston the unique experience may be worth the price of admission. For anyone who has run this race at least once, probably not so much.

boston's run to remember,running,bostonIn economic terms I think the market has spoken. The price that the market will bear for a half-marathon is somewhere lower than what the Run to Remember organizers are charging.

In 2013 this race sold out in about a week. We all know why. I don’t have pricing data in front of me, but it seems that the price for this race goes up $5 to $10 each year. In 2013 they could have charged $150 because everyone wanted to stick their running the in the face of terror.

Now that things have settled down I think the pricing power of the race has diminished significantly. The race is May 29th and I get an email with a coupon code almost every day. Unfortunately the coupon is only for $5 off of a $110 registration fee.

Obviously the race has not sold out yet. It may sell out on or before race day, but if registrations fall significantly short of the organizer’s goals their fundraising will be significantly impacted as well.

While it is difficult to know what the “market price” for this race is, I think it is safe to say it is $10 to $20 less than what is being asked for this year’s race.

What do you think? Are you running the Run to Remember this year? Did you decide not to run due to the price or because you’ve run it before?

Run well my friends and be safe this Memorial Day weekend.


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5 responses to “Is the Run to Remember Overpriced”

  1. Paul W Avatar
    Paul W

    Hi Andy,
    I’m running it – signed up just this weekend when I was surprised to see it hadn’t sold out. That MARATHON5 code didn’t work though, so with a $9 “processing” fee it’s practically $120. I guess I paid it so it isn’t too expensive – but it better be good 🙂
    The reason I was prepared to shell out the dough was:
    – Fast, closed course in Boston – pretty compelling!
    – USATF certified – I ran a race 2 weeks ago and the consensus was it was long. Pretty annoying, so happy not to have to worry about that
    – A 7AM start at this start of year is about as good as it gets – were it later in the day it would be a lot less palatable
    – With summer nigh, 13.1 season in Boston is pretty much done so happy to have one last hurrah!
    That said, I’m hoping it’s not overly congested, and that the hairpin turns aren’t too crazy. I’m hopeful the “self-pacing” pace signs at the start will do their job.

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Good points. I’ve run it three times, so it’s not so compelling anymore. The hairpin turns on Memorial Drive can be tight.

  2. Bgddyjim Avatar

    Too much. No way I’d pay that much.

  3. Paul W Avatar
    Paul W

    And as a post script – it was well worth it! (to me, of course). The most problematic congestion I hit was the tail end of the 5 miler in the last couple of miles of the half, but not an issue. Course was great, and we completely dodged a bullet on the weather: still a bit humid, but the breeze by the Charles was great.

    That said, it wouldn’t hold the same allure next year – so not sure I’d run again – but very pleased to have experienced it this year.


    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Paul, I’m glad you had a great race experience. It is well managed and if you register early you can save some money.