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So many pedestrians

So many pedestrians, so little time!

Why is it when I give a pedestrian the go ahead to cross at a cross walk they insist on sauntering across the road while sending a text message?

I know that legally I am supposed to yield to pedestrians in a cross walk, but come on! We are all on our way someplace and would like to get there sooner than later.

If I have the courtesy to give you the go-ahead, then freakin take it and get your ass across the road!

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As a runner I spend a lot of time as a pedestrian.

I try to cross in areas where cars can see me. I try not to press the cross walk light button when the nearest car is half a mile away. I stay on the side of the road and don’t run three abreast and block traffic.

I try to be a good citizen in my car and in my running shoes. All I ask is that drivers give me a foot or two of space and that pedestrians get a move on when I give them the go-ahead.

Is that too much to ask?

Run well my friends,


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One response to “So many pedestrians”

  1. txa1265 Avatar

    haha – walking with impunity! 🙂

    When I moved from MA to NY the difference in pedestrian laws was immediately apparent as I tried to cross a cross-walk and nearly got plowed through! haha

    But that is definitely an annoyance for me as well – I let you go, now work with me a bit …, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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