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Starting the week out right

Now that the kids our out of school and I don’t need to give anyone a ride in the morning, I have time for a morning run.

Starting the week out right

This morning I threw my work shirt over a t-shirt, packed my gym bag and headed for work. We have a locker room to change in and showers, so it’s a great set up.I went out for a nice 10K along the Charles river in Boston and enjoyed the morning sun, the sites and my fellow runners. I was having a great day.

Then I got back to the locker room and took out my gym bag. Something smelled funny, and not the usual funny. I opened my bag and took out the plastic bag where I put my toiletries. The bag was full of some oily looking substance. It turned out that somehow the entire bottle of spray on sun screen had discharged and turned into a liquid! I took all my stuff out, tossed them in the sink and rinsed them off. What a mess!

Then I looked for my tie. I couldn’t find it. I checked all the pockets in my gym bag. Nothing. Didn’t I bring a tie? Then a rummaged around some more in my bag and found my tie on the bottom of my bag with several large oil spots! Oh F*#%!

My brand new tie that I bought my self for Father’s Day. Ruined. It still had the price tag on it, never worn. So my great way to start the day and the week turned into a real pisser.

Anyone know how to get an oil stain out of a silk tie?

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4 responses to “Starting the week out right”

  1. John Avatar

    Doesn’t sound good but you could try the advice here, Good luck!

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      Appreciate the tip. It’s not looking good right now.

  2. imakeeper Avatar

    Yikes! well at least you started off with a nice run…. as for the silk tie, I have no idea but I have had Baby Oil do that in multiple suitcases on long trips. I use it to remove makeup and somehow it always seems to seep out and drench everything! Gah!

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