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Sunday Long Run Winchester Highlands 2018

Sunday Long Run Six 2018

This week I managed to squeak in a long run before it was time to head off to the airport. The route was supposed to be 16.2 miles from Melrose through the Winchester Highlands.

Winchester Highlands sounds like a grand tour, especially if you are from England or something. Around here it just means we get to run a bunch of hills! Ass busters you could call them.

I started running with my buddy Dave and we hung together until the first water stop. Dave was doing the half route and turned back to Brueggers.

All of the other long run people had arrived and left the first water stop by the time I got there. I’ve run this route at least a dozen times but I always worry about missing a turn and running all day just to get home!

After a short stop I headed out by my self with the hope of catching up to someone who knew the route better than I. As I ran down the hill from the water stop, I hoped to see someone if front of me. No luck.

As I approached the next few intersections I remembered the turns and never had a moment of hesitation! I was pleasantly surprised at my self. Eventually I found Tom Gorman at water stop two.

fall marathon training, summer running
Sunday Long Run, Winchester Highlands, Fall Marathon training

I was really glad to see him. Not just because I needed a drink, but because it meant I was still on track. Tom and I chatted for a few minutes and I headed off on my mystery run.

I would through Winchester and headed back to Melrose. I know I took at least one wrong turn because when I finished my run I only had 14 miles on my watch.

The previous week I had only run about 6.5 miles, so 14 was plenty. As I sit writing this article, my legs are sore and my left knee is barking.

While I may have missed a few miles on this run, it still feels pretty good to have run the 14 miles that I did manage.

So somehow I feel like I’m training for a marathon or at least a half. Maybe I’m just kidding my self.

I’m also using a new editor while trying to write this post and the lest two. So if these past few have been a bit of a mess, I’m still figuring out Gutenberg and trying to decide if I’m going to continue to use it.

So bear with me and run well my friends,

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