2019 Race Directory Updates

2019 Race Directory Updates are on-going. Be sure to check back for updates and additions as the year goes on. Have a great 2019 running year and run well my Friends!

As we roll into 2019 I’ll be making Race Directory updates with new dates and hopefully a few new races.

The most popular race directory that I keep is the New England Marathons Fall. I started tracking these marathons in 2015 and last year the post just took off.

Now that winter is officially here I’ll be changing the name to New England Marathons Fall 2019 this week. Not to worry, I will keep the same URL for the blog post. If you have it book marked you won’t have to make any changes.

I’m glad that the Fall Marathons directory became popular and not the Summer Marathons post. Fall has enough marathons in New England to keep things interesting without it becoming a full time job for me.

5K Race Directory Updates

I will also continue to update the 5K race directories for local cities and towns. Just like for the marathon listings, I’ll keep the same URL and change the title only.

Unlike most directories published by the big web sites, I will not inundate you with ads and pop ups. I will mention the My First 5K medal on occasion. Many 5Ks only award the top three runners over all and often age-group winners.

Unlike the corporate web sites, I often speak with the race director. This lets me get dates listed quicker and get the latest updates.

Without all of the ads and clutter, it is much easier to find a race in your town on my directories. Here are two popular listings that I will be updating shortly:

Somerville 5K Race Directory

Cambridge 5K Race Directory

GBA St. Patrick’s Day Races

Most other cities and towns only have a handful of races, so it’s hard to put together much of a listing. I may consolidate some of these other directories into regional directories.

Low Cost Racing

Low Cost Racing

I recently signed up for four more races in the Will Run for Beer Series, for a total of 5 in the series. Thursday night I signed up for the New Bedford Half Marathon on March 16th. I ran this one last year and it was a good experience. After that I have the Eastern States 20 Miler on March 30th. That will be my last long race until Boston.

Low Cost Racing

Eastern States, running
Eastern States 20-Miler

Lightbox Registration handles registration for New Bedford. After completing my registration I went to the Lightbox home page and discovered something I thought you local runners might be interested in.

They list races that cost $25 or less, $20 or less and $15 or less. While most of these races are 5K or less, I thought it was a good resource to find some inexpensive local races.

The $15 registrations are also for kids. So if you are looking for a 5K that you and your son or daughter can run together, check out one of these races.

I didn’t see any races listed for Maine or Vermont, but there are a lot in the other New England states. You should check them out.

Lightbox manages longer distance races, such as New Bedford Half, but these do cost more than $25.00. Hopefully you can find some inexpensive local races on their list and keep your running budget under control this year.

How much do you spend on races each year?

  • Does price keep you from running some races?
  • What is a reasonable price for a 5K?
  • How much is too much for a 5K
  • Does good swag make up for a high price?
  • For a registration discount would you give up a shirt?

Run well my Friends!


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