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  • Running Off The Mark

    Running Off The Mark

    Early this year I set a personal goal to average three running miles per day in 2019. In 2018 I ran 809 miles for an average of 2.22 miles per day. Moving the bar to three miles per day would be 1095 miles for 2019. You would think that adding 0.78 miles per day would…

  • Ready for Success?

    Ready for Success?

    Are you ready for success? Success is not easy. Success is not free. We must work for success. Are you prepared?                     Run well my friends! Andy

  • Base miles

    Base miles

    Base miles are what we run between races I don’t have any marathons or half marathons on my schedule. But it’s always a good idea to have a long run in your base miles routine. “Long Run” means different things to different people. If you are a new runner then four or five miles may be…

  • Sunday Long Run Returns

    This weekend the fall Sunday Long Run series began We call it the fall series because these runs are training for the fall marathons. Specifically for The Bay State Marathon in Lowell, but it works nicely for the other fall marathons as well such as Hartford and Philadelphia. It seems like just last week I…

  • Running Weekend March 2014

    It’s going to be a running weekend. Today I have the Smuttynose Palooza 5K in Salisbury. The weather looks pretty good. Temps in the 40’s with a mild breeze. I’ll probably wear shorts. You know it’s the dead of winter when anything above 32F feels, pretty good. I know that I have fully adjusted to the…

  • Sunday Long Run 03-02-2014

    Sunday Long Run Gang While hanging out after our Sunday Long Run, a friend told me about this drink with turmeric in it. Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory, and is all natural. I had been planning on taking another fish oil when I got home instead of ibuprofen. I figured why not give tumeric a try?…