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  • WordCamp Boston 2017 Boston University

    WordCamp Boston 2017 Boston University

    WordCamp Boston 2017 was another awesome event! WordCamp Boston is an annual 2-day conference for WordPress developers and users. If you are a hard core coder or a business guy like me, there is something for you. WordCamps are held all over the country and WordCamp Boston usually takes place at Boston University in July.…

  • The Amazing Weekend

    The Amazing Weekend How many of those have you had? The truly amazing weekends are rare or in name only. My weekend began on Friday, so there’ a +1 right there. Off to college On Friday we took my youngest daughter to college. My oldest daughter had not gone back to school yet, so it…

  • Wordcamp Boston

  • WordCamp Boston 2014

    WordCamp Boston 2014 at MIT Media Lab is today! I feel so lucky to live five miles from this meeting and to have the opportunity to go! I‘ve been blogging for over two years. While I’ve learned a lot about writing there is so much on the technical end that I do not understand. There…