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WordCamp Boston 2017 Boston University

WordCamp Boston 2017 was another awesome event! WordCamp Boston is an annual 2-day conference for WordPress developers and users.

If you are a hard core coder or a business guy like me, there is something for you. WordCamps are held all over the country and WordCamp Boston usually takes place at Boston University in July.

WordCamp Boston 2017, Boston University, developers conference

For $40 you get two days packed with presentations, panel discussions, and a Happiness Bar. On top of that there are a variety of vendors there to learn from and get advice. They are there to sell product, but I’ve never has the hard sell from anyone. It’s just not how the WordPress crew rolls.

WordCamp Boston 2017 at BU

Saturday morning I missed the Opening Remarks, Keynote presentation and sessions. Lunch was all gone by the time I rolled in around 1:30 pm.

Mostly I attended sessions on using WordPress and topics for running your business on WordPress. I did sit in on a few developer and designer sessions that were only slightly over my head.

There is still plenty that I do not know or understand, and there always will be. I know what HTML and CSS look like, I just don’t want to look at that stuff for very long or I’ll fall asleep!

While I may never learn how to code a website from scratch, each year I learn a few new things. Three years ago I learned about the eCommerce platform called Woo Commerce. I still only know the basics, but it was a breakthrough that allowed me to move my web site to the next level.

This is why I go to WordCamp. One golden nugget like that is worth an entire weekend!

Last year I learned a lot from the GoDaddy team. It wasn’t as life altering as Woo Commerce, but it was still very helpful.

This year I sat down and spoke with a nice young lady about some issues I’m having with Woo Commerce. I knew many of her answers, but hearing them from an expert confirmed that I was on the right track and not wasting my time. It was great to kick around some ideas with someone who really knew their stuff.

It’s always exciting to learn something new and WordCamp Boston never disappoints. This year I learned some great tips about SEO that I actually understood and can actually implement.

If you use WordPress, look for a WordCamp near you. In the GBA we have a user group called WordPress Boston which meets monthly. You may have a similar group in your neighborhood.

Blog well my Friends!

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