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Race to the Row, Somerville 5K Race

Why I Love Saturday Races

It seems that the majority of races are on Sunday. I don’t know if race organizers feel that Saturday races interfere with errands and kids sports events or if it’s just easier to get a permit for a Sunday.

I love Saturday Races

Why you may ask?

fall races, saturday racesA Saturday race forces me to get up and get going on a Saturday morning. Most races start before 10AM and I can generally be heading home by Noon. Half-marathons and marathons usually start earlier, so I can still be heading home by 1pm or so.

After a Saturday race I can run errands on the way home. While I may not want to head to the local garden center and haul 20 bags of mulch I can still go to the bank and Post Office. Even getting a tank of gas can feel like an accomplishment after a race.

Running on Saturday leaves Sunday open for another race. Last summer I ran Saturday and Sunday on a few weekends. It was fun.In the fall there are so many great races, it’s impossible to run them all. Run a few Saturday races and you can pick up a few more fun races.

Running on Saturday gives me a sense of accomplishment. Since I usually run on Sundays, it makes me feel like I’m ahead of schedule. I feel more relaxed on Sunday knowing that my major goal of the weekend has been accomplished.

I prefer to drink on Saturday. Many races serve beer at the after race party. While this usually means having my first beer before 10AM, I feel better on Monday if I have a few beers on Saturday and not Sunday morning.

How do you feel?

  • Do you enjoy or prefer Saturday races?
  • Do you avoid Saturday races?

Run well my Friends!


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