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  • Why I Love Saturday Races

    Why I Love Saturday Races

    It seems that the majority of races are on Sunday. I don’t know if race organizers feel that Saturday races interfere with errands and kids sports events or if it’s just easier to get a permit for a Sunday. I love Saturday Races Why you may ask? A Saturday race forces me to get up…

  • The Long Weekend

    The Long Weekend

    The long weekend begins! My company was kind enough to give us Thursday and Friday off for the 4th of July holiday. As usual I have a million things I want to get done, and that is absolutely impossible. One of the items on my “to do list” this weekend is to re-organize the folders…

  • Weekends are for what?

    Weekends always go by so quickly. All week while at work we dream about sleeping late, having a barbecue, mowing the lawn, and even drinking a few cold ones with friends. For athletes we dream about getting in that long run or ride. Which route should I take this weekend? How far should I run…