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Running and Virtual 5Ks

In person 5K races are making a come back!

first 5k medal, medals for children Some races are offering a virtual race option. It will be interesting to see how common this option remains as time moves on.

Most people I know want to get out there and enjoy the race experience.

There’s nothing like race morning to pump you up and get the nerves going!

While racing is in a state of flux, some things never change: all first time runners want to bring home a medal.

If you are running a 5K with a first timer, or if it is your first 5K, don’t forget about the finisher’s medal. You only run your first 5K once.

If your race doesn’t offer a finisher’s medal, the My First 5K medal is a great option for you!

Medals for First Time 5K Runners

Every first time runner wants to get a medal. I still remember how cool it was to get my first medal.

If you are running a virtual 5K with a first time runner, you can get a finisher’s medal for them.

The My First 5K Medal is just like the medals you get at many races, except that it is for first time 5K runners.

For less than the cost of a pizza you can get a medal for any virtual 5K that your new runner decides to run.

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My First 5K Medal

2021 will continue to present challenges for all of us.

Training for a 5K is a great way to spend quality time with your child and help them burn off some of their anxieties.

A few casual runs after dinner and on a weekend day should get your child across the finish line.

Not sure if your child is ready to run a 5K or how to get them started at an appropriate level? Check out my post, “What Distance Can My Child Run” for some tips and guidance.

My First 5K Medal 2019, adult first time 5K runner I’ve given a My First 5K medal to plenty of adults at local 5K races. For them the medal is a symbol of achievement or a first of many finisher’s medals to come.

And all of them have been thrilled to put that medal around their neck!

Some runners probably never thought they’d run a 5K race, but here they are with a finisher’s medal around their neck!

With a My First 5K Medal your runner can get a medal at any race they choose.

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