My First 5K Medal

My First 5K medal, runners medal

Welcome to Omni Running, home of the My First 5K medal.

I believe that every runner deserves a finisher's medal for their first race.

Forfirst 5k medal, medals for children most runners that first race is a local 5K road race. 

For young runners the first 5K is often run with mom or dad.

Now you can ensure that your first time 5K runner brings home a finisher's medal.

You can order a 2020 My First 5K medal with white or pink print on the ribbon.

My First 5K Medal - white print

My First 5K Medal - pink print

Everyone loves to get a medal and your runner will never forget the day they ran their first 5K with you. 

With any luck they will want to run more races with you and your bond with your child will grow through a shared love for running.

My First 5K Medal 2019, adult first time 5K runnerI've given a My First 5K medal to plenty of adults as well. For them the medal is a symbol of achievement or a first of many finisher's medals to come.

Some runners probably never thought they'd run a 5K race, but here they are with a finisher's medal around their neck!

Some people love to collect running medals and they look forward to getting one at every race. Many 5Ks do provide a finisher's medal for everyone, but not all of them do. 

With a My First 5K medal your runner will get a medal at their first 5K and it will always stand out from all of their other medals.