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Running and Virtual 5Ks

first 5k medal, medals for childrenThe virtual race movement was an innovation to deal with COVID-19, but I think it is here to stay.

Even when in person racing is allowed, I believe that many races will keep a virtual option.

Virtual racing allows people to run a race anywhere and anytime they find convenient. The virtual option can also attract runners who are not local.

While people may travel long distances for a marathon or a half marathon, most runners will only travel about an hour for a 5K or 10K.

Many virtual races feature reduced registration fees and have eliminated shirts and medals.

It’s tough for a race director to offer a shirt, medal and cover shipping when registration is only $10 or $15.00.

If a shirt or medal are important to you, or your first time runner, make sure you check the race website closely.

Medals for First Time 5K Runners

Every first time runner wants to get a medal. I still remember how cool it was to get my first medal.

If you are running a virtual 5K with a first time runner, you can get a finisher’s medal for them.

The My First 5K Medal is just like the medals you get at many races, except that it is for first time 5K runners.

For less than the cost of a pizza you can get a medal for any virtual 5K that your new runner decides to run.

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My First 5K Medal

2021 will continue to present challenges for all of us.

We’ve all been cooped up at home working and home schooling our kids. The past year has been stressful.

Most schools don’t include gym class as part of their remote learning curriculum.

Training for a 5K is a great way to have your own gym class.

As the coach you can control the pace and distance for your child and keep it fun. And you don’t need a lot of equipment to go for a jog in the afternoon or after dinner.

I think all of us can use a run a few times a week to bust the stress and keep the COVID-20 at bay!

Our kids certainly need a way to burn off their stress and anxiety.

Not sure if your child is ready to run a 5K or what to do? Check out my post, “What Distance Can My Child Run” for some tips and guidance.

My First 5K Medal 2019, adult first time 5K runnerI’ve given a My First 5K medal to plenty of adults at local 5K races. For them the medal is a symbol of achievement or a first of many finisher’s medals to come.

And all of them have been thrilled to put that medal around their neck!

Some runners probably never thought they’d run a 5K race, but here they are with a finisher’s medal around their neck!

With a My First 5K Medal your runner can get a medal at any race they choose.

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