The First 5K Race

The 5K is the first race for most runners

It may be a fund raiser for the high school team or to help kids get swim lessons at the local YMCA.  first 5k medal, first 5k

5K races are popular on holidays such as Mother’s Day or the Fourth of July. Other popular themed 5K races are Thanks Giving Turkey Trots and Jingle Bell Run races.

Local races are great for families and young runners just starting out. I often see parents running with their young children, or pushing them in strollers. The start of a great family tradition.

Every runner is excited to get their first race medal and looks forward to that moment at the finish line.

However, most 5K races do not award finisher’s medals.



I created the My First 5K medal so every runner can receive a medal at their first 5K race. 

my first 5k medal. 1st 5k

Some races offer the My First 5K medal on their registration page. You can order one for your child when you sign them up for the race. Your purchase helps support programs at the beneficiary of the race.

On race day they will receive their medal at the finish line or as part of the awards ceremony.

Finishing a 5K race is an accomplishment. A My First 5K medal is not an award just for showing up. It is recognition for completing a race that many never begin. It is a way to remember a special day that will hopefully lead to many more races and a healthy lifestyle.

If the race you have signed up for does not offer a finisher’s medal, or if you want a medal that recognizes the race as someone’s first, you can order a My First 5K medal from our Omni Running Shop.


Each medal comes with a colorful bib sticker.

1st 5k medal, First 5k medal, summer specialThese water-proof stickers will let everyone know that your
runner is running their very first 5K. my first 5k, running bib sticker


If your runner is receiving their medal at the finish line, the race officials will see them coming and the crowd will cheer for them as they approach the finish line.




Ways to Display your My First 5K Medal

When ordering direct from Omni Running you have the option of ordering our “5K Combo.” This includes the My First 5K Medal, bib sticker and a 10×13″ frame to display your medal and race bib in.

If you received a My First 5K medal at a race and would like to frame it, please select the “My First 5K Display Frame” option.

  • Is your Scout Troop running a 5K as part of a Physical Fitness program?
  • Do you run a group fitness program and have folks running their first 5K?
  • Does your running club have a Walk to Run program?
  • Are you a personal trainer or fitness instructor with a runner about to run their first 5K?
  • Are you a coach who would like to reward a team or player for working exceptionally hard to prepare for their first 5K?
  • We offer special package pricing to meet your budget and reward your runners.


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  1. Our Volunteer Fire Company is sponsoring a 5K in October 2015. How much time does it take to get the 1st 5k medals once you get our order?

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