5K Fundraising

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5K Fundraising can be challenging

Holding a 5K road race has become a popular fundraiser for many organizations.

From national organizations to local schools and clubs, there are multiple 5Ks almost every weekend.

You need to make your race stand out from the crowd to compete with all of these other events.

Your race can be a celebration of first time runners by offering My First 5K medal.

Parents really like the medal. It makes their child happy, is a great way to celebrate the race, encourage participation and makes a great memento years down the road.

Adults enjoy the medal also. The first person to buy a medal was a retiree just starting her running adventure.

How does the My First 5K Medal work?

  • Add the My First 5K Medal as a registration or merchandise option
  • You collect $9.95 and your organization keeps $4.00 for each medal sold
  • We send you the number of medals and bib stickers your runners ordered
  • Add the medal to the race packet for first time runners
  • After your race, send $5.95 to Omni Running for each medal sold
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My First 5K Medal Offer

Including the medal as a registration option makes it an easy add-on like the other items your race offers at registration.

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It’s a wonderful way to celebrate a first run and a great way to encourage a new runner.

Adults also buy these medals for themselves, their spouse, friend, or even their parent. It’s a great way for clubs or company running groups to celebrate their new runners, have some fun and help your organization fundraise.

My First 5K Medal

My First 5K medal, runners medal As a registration add-on item, usually 6% of registrations will include a My First 5K medal.

Races that support a school or youth club, and Holiday themed races have higher participation rates.

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If your race wants to award the medals at the finish line, the red bib sticker helps volunteers identify each runner who is getting a medal.

Most races find it easier to have an awards ceremony after the race or give the medal to the parents and have them award it to their child.

We take the risk out and put the profit in to offering medals

Awarding a finisher’s medal to everyone is expensive and it is a challenge to order the right amount of medals.

When medals are purchased during registration, you can eliminated that issue.

5k medals, kids 5k running, running medals for kidsNo upfront costs: Instead of buying medals, runners pay for them during registration. You pay after your race.

Always the right number of medals: We provide the medals your runners ordered and you never end up with extra medals, or disappointed runners.

High quality medals: These custom 2″ medals are similar to marathon medals.

Increase fundraising: Offering a medal for first time runners is an excellent way to increase your registrations and adds $4.00 in profit to each of these registrations.

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