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Do you get muscle cramps

Do you get muscle cramps?

Every athlete experiences muscle cramps at one time or another. It may be during an event or during a rigorous training or practice session., pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The first time I ran the Boston Marathon, in 2003, my left calf had cramps that were so bad I thought I would not be able to finish the race.

A few years ago I discovered Hyland’s Leg Cramps tablets at The Run for All Ages. Hyland was a race sponsor and had a table at the race. I stopped by to talk to the folks at the table and they told me about Hyland and their Leg Camps products.

The Leg Cramps comes in quick dissolve tablets, pill or ointment. The pills are great to take before a race and the quick dissolve tablets are good for out on the course. The ointment can be used before an event or to manage cramping after an event.

The tablets contain Quinine which I had read were given to people with restless leg syndrome. They told me that quinine helped with muscle cramps also.

Since discovering Hyland’s Leg Cramp tablets I have taken them with me on almost every marathon and many half marathons. I put 2 to 4 tablets in some foil and tuck them in my belt. The tablets melt under your tongue in no time and seem to work.

A few times I have taken the tablets before a race if I think I may need them.

My testimonial

At the 2015 Boston Marathon Expo I saw the people from Hyland and they asked me if I would record a testimonial.

This is not a paid endorsement. I did receive a few bottles of the quick dissolve tablets and had fun doing the recording.

Have you ever tried these?

Run well my friends,


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4 responses to “Do you get muscle cramps”

  1. bgddyjim Avatar

    Never tried them and, well come to think of it, I haven’t had trouble with cramping in years… Gatorade is my magic elixir. 😉

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Sometimes cramps are caused by dehydration and or not enough electrolytes. These are a nice insurance policy.
      I’ve seen these relieve cramps in under 10 minutes

      1. bgddyjim Avatar

        Holy cats!!!

      2. Bgddyjim Avatar

        I’m all over that Andy, I’ll keep two with me from now on… if not for me, I can give one to a friend in need.

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