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Friday 5K Run

Esplanade 5K Run

I went out for a nice 5K run on The Esplanade this afternoon. My last training run before the BAA Half Marathon on Sunday.

It was in the mid-70’s and nice and sunny. Just perfect. I appreciated the fact that we wont have many more of these days and before we know it the cold weather will be here.

I wanted to go for an easy run and do about a 9 minute pace. As I ran over The Longfellow bridge I felt really good. No effort at all. When I hit The Esplanade I felt like I was gliding along. When my watch beeped for 1 mile I looked down and saw my pace had been 8:20 and that included going over the bridge, up and down the stairs and navigating oblivious folks strolling about. Mile two came in at 8:19. Way to fast for an easy run. I managed to reel it on for mile three and ran an 8:54 pace.

My total distance was 3.35 miles at an 8:31 overall pace. It was effortless. One of the easiest runs I’ve had in months.

Maybe things are falling into place for me and I will be able to finish this running season the way I had planned. I’d like to PR at the BAA Half Marathon this weekend. I feel like I can do it. On October 13th I have the ING Hartford Marathon and I’m a little worried. Six days is not a lot of recovery time, especially if I aggravate my injury.

I am going to go for it. I’m going to use everything I know about running and recovery and push my limits.

Run well my friends,

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5 responses to “Friday 5K Run”

  1. imakeeper Avatar

    Good luck with your half! It is always a good feeling to get back on track with your training and have one of those ‘effortless’ runs 🙂

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      Thank you. I’m double checking all of my stuff and checking the weather forecast now.

  2. Gertie Avatar

    Good luck on your half marathon!

  3. Gertie Avatar

    Good luck with your half tomorrow!

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      Thank you. I’m checking to make sure I have all of my stuff and checking the weather forecast. Then it’s dinner and a little “carbo loading”. 😉