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Hump day, All day.

Unfortunately Hump means Hump, and not Shag. No such luck! It’s Wednesday, I got paid yesterday and all is good in the World.

Now that The Olympics are over, it’s time to shift back to talking more about running and my own journey. As bloggers we get to be totally self-centered and talk mainly about ourselves if we want to.

Training and Recovery

For my Club’s Sunday Long Run we were supposed to do 12.5 miles. This was equal to the total miles I had run the week before, so I felt no obligation to do all of those miles in one run. I ran the first mile with my friends Gail and Stacey and then kicked it in for the next mile or so.I just had to stretch the legs out a bit.

When we got to our first water stop I was debating whether I should do the 12.5 or cut out the hills in Breakheart Reservation and head back for an 10 mile run. Gail convinced me to keep going and walk the hills with her. This was a good idea and we both made it through the woods.

On the way back I got all fired up talking politics and of course my pace picked up also. After a while Gail told me to go ahead and that she was going to walk in most of the remaining distance. I hate to leave anyone, but I could not walk the next two miles or so. I did walk some, and more than usual. But I’m still coming back from my injury and it was hot and humid – a classic summer day in New England. I finished with 11.6 miles on the watch.

I grabbed a bag of bagels at Bruegger’s and headed home to feed the gang. My oldest daughter was a councilor at a Girl Scout Camp over the summer and came home Saturday. She brought a colleague with her who was from New Zealand.

Apparently they don’t have good bagels in New Zealand. So, I had to bring home the best we have to offer in the Boston area. They thoroughly enjoyed them as they watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. They had been at camp all summer without TV.

Tuesday night I did the Club Run. I was hoping to do 7.5 miles but I started out too fast. I managed to keep up with our fastest runners through mile 2, but then my dinner started to speak to me and I had to slow down. I had to cut it short and did 4.22 miles. I was okay with that.

This brings my weekly total to 15.82. This is more than 10% greater than last weeks total and I still have a few days to add a 5K or 10K at lunch.

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