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Magical Mystic Valley Run

Our Sunday Long Run was 20 miles this week

This type of distance is sometimes referred to as an LSD run: Long Slow Distance. The idea is to go out and run slower than marathon pace with the goal of getting your body used to running for 3-4 hours.

There was nothing mystical about Sunday’s run. On Saturday I went all in for my 5K

marathon training, magical mystic valley run
Mystic Lakes 20 Mile Sunday Long Run map

race in Salisbury. This probably was not a good idea as my legs needed recovery time on Sunday, not the Magical Mystic Valley Run!

By the time I got to our last pit stop my quads were shredded. I had planned on doing the run/walk routine to give it a try, but I forgot. Instead after our last stop, I gave myself permission to walk when I damned well felt like it.

Our SLR Director, Rev. Jim, told us that this weekend was a good test run for Marathon weekend. Eat what you plan to eat, wear your cool new stuff and try out any new foods, gels etc. Wednesday I’ll post Jim’s sage advice for a LSD run. It’s all great advice for runners: novice, journeyman or master.

I ended up running in the back of the pack with about eight of our lady runners. Everyone driving by must have thought I was the luckiest guy in town! We had a great time talking the whole way. I don’t seem to recall seeing a few of them on previous very long runs. I was proud of them.

In West Medford I had to use the Dunkin Donuts by the train station. As I walked up to the men’s room door I heard a buzzing noise and realized one of the girls behind the counter had buzzed me in. Great service!

On the way out I purchased a jelly donut. I used their facility, so I wanted to give them some business. I put the change in the tip jar and headed out the door. I spent so much time trying to find the jelly hole that I forgot to start my Garmin. I didn’t want jelly squirting all over me. That would have looked like the world’s worse nipple chafe!

For some reason I’ve been dreaming about a jelly donut for over a week. Sadly the Dunky-Do did not hit the spot. I need a Kane’s Donut.

As I ran down High Street eating my donut, I realized I needed to start my watch! As I rounded the corner onto the Mystic Valley Parkway I could feel the breeze pick up and the temperature dropped by about 10F.

I managed to catch up to my buddy AJ who was chugging along. His shins were bothering him and I think his asthma was acting up also. There were a lot of runners and cyclist out. This time of year there is a surge in running activity in the Boston area. We admired a few of the beautiful houses set up the hill which we could see through the bare trees.

I pushed on so that I could catch up with the group and not get lost. I probably ran the next mile harder than I should have. By the time I got to the turn onto Bacon Street I caught up to all of the colorful jackets.

At out next water stop by Winchester High my friend Sue had a soy milk, coconut and chia seed beverage with rice. It was like a liquid rice pudding without the sugar. When I get her recipe I’ll post it. It was pretty good and I have heard a lot of good things about #chia seeds.

After this water stop the ladies helped keep me on course. I am notoriously bad with directions. I get a sense that I should turn at a corner, but I’m often not certain. Who the hell wants to run 40 miles by mistake! I started pulling ahead of the group on the hills of Forest Street in Winchester.

By the time we got down to Elm Street, I was on my own. I managed to make the required turns and made it to the last water stop. The last three miles included the hills of the of the Fellsway East through the Middlesex Fells Reservation. Late hills, just like Boston! I ran the hills and did not do any significant walking until after mile 19.

When I got to the end of the run I was only at 19.5 miles so I ran around the neighborhood a bit to round things out at 20 miles.

Instead of coffee I has another Tumeric Alive beverage. This time it was the pineapple Elixir. Maybe I’m getting used to it, or maybe the pineapple blend tastes better. If I feel good on Tuesday I think I’ll call this #SuperJuice a winner.

Run well my friends.


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