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Marathon Weekend

Baystate Marathon weekend approaches!

With just three days to go I haven’t even begun to pack or assemble my gear. I know where all of my clothes are, my new running shoes have been broken in and my training is done.


I ran Tuesday during the day and felt horrible. I have been extending my day time run to 8 miles, but cut back to 6 miles on Tuesday. My legs felt tired, I feel tired and generally lack energy. I went to my club’s board meeting Tuesday night and felt horrible. So glad I didn’t run Tuesday night.

Today my quads feel sore and my left leg/knee is still bothering me. I probably will not run again until Sunday; I think my legs need the rest.

Saturday I’ll pop over to Marathon Sports, get a few gels and pack my bag. I don’t have any plans for Saturday so I can focus on last-minute race prep.

Marathon number 15

This will be my 15th marathon if memory serves me. Good question there! I’m not nervous. Oddly, I’m not even excited. The Marathon and I are old adversaries. I know what to expect and I know what I have done to prepare. There is no drama, no fear. I know what I need to do.

Marathon PRs and BQs

Baystate, PR, marathonMy marathon PR was achieved at Baystate in 2012. It is 3:47. My Boston Marathon qualifying time is now 3:30. Since 2012 I’ve maintained a higher level of fitness and at age 50 I’m probably in the best shape of my life. New stretching and strengthening exercises should help me get through the tough patches in the race.

Mentally I am tougher also. Running 5K races has taught me a lot. My 5K times have improved a lot over the past two years. Part of this improvement has come from managing the internal dialogue and gaining a better understanding of where the edge is.

The marathon is a completely different race, but these lessons will help.

I have been watching the weather forecast for the past two weeks. Sunday looks cool and clear. Highs in the 50s and no rain. Perfect running conditions.

If I can get a little sleep, hydrate properly and rest my legs I should be able to beat my 2012 PR. If my training and running smarts are better than 2012, I may be able to get a BQ. Maybe.

Just like in 2012, my buddy Mike Hartin will be volunteering at the finish line. I was so altered in 2012 that I thought Mike was waiting there just for me to finish. He’s that type of guy.

I was altered at the end of that race, but I can’t think of a marathon finish when I wasn’t a little fucked up. I’ve scared myself once or twice and the first aid folks have scared me twice also.

  • Do you have a marathon this weekend?
  • Any big goals?
  • Are you running Baystate?

If you will be in Lowell on Sunday I’d love to meet before or after the race. You can use this email to let me know:

May the wind be at your back and all your hills be downhill!







5 responses to “Marathon Weekend”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Good luck! You will have a great race and I’m sure you will feel a bit more excited as you get there. 15 marathons. Incredible!

    1. Runner2014 Avatar

      Thank you so much. 15 seems like so many races, then I look at people who have run all 50 states twice!

      I think I’m just overwhelmed w/ work and stuff. I’m sure I’ll be a bundle of energy when I go to Marathon Sports on Saturday to pick up my GUs!

      Appreciate your comment. With the switch over, I’m not sure if anyone is getting my posts.


  2. Paul W Avatar
    Paul W

    Good luck Andy – I’ll be at Baystate too as you know.

    Only my second marathon, and #1 didn’t go to plan; the million dollar question is why – was it the heat or a big endurance deficit? Or a bit (how much?!) of both?!

    Anyway, I’m going to find out more on Sunday in, as you say, perfect conditions (the “feels like” temp will only be 42 at noon!). Based on an encouraging Half Marathon tune up race (1:33), I’m going for a BQ (which for me is 3:25 for 2016). Let’s just say it’s not without risk! 🙂


  3. Runner2014 Avatar

    42 at Noon sounds cooler than what I saw. I’ll offer some advice from my 14 previous marathons – pack for 80 and 0. You can make some last minute clothes decisions when you get there, but bring the clothes you need in order to make those decisions.
    I always layer and a hat and gloves are good to keep you warm early in the race and while waiting. They are also the easiest items to take off during the race once you warm up.
    Based on your half time, you should feel confident going after 3:25. Just run your race.

  4. Paul W Avatar
    Paul W

    Good advice – thanks! This is the forecast I’m following – – the “feels like” temp is available in the ‘Customize’ menu., pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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