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Meteorological Fall is Here

Meteorological Fall begins on September 1st.

Most of us use the calendar or the chill in the breeze to determine when fall begins.

Meteorologist break the seasons into three-month periods that roughly correspond to the traditional seasons.

This is more precise and eliminates variability. Meteorologists are scientist after all!

Meteorological Seasons
courtesy: WOWT Ch. 6

For most of us summer ends when Labor Day weekend ends. Some people seem to feel that summer ends on the 5th of July!

Summer vs Fall

Andy Nagelin at the 2019 Malden Irish American 10K finishI really enjoy the summer and for the most part don’t mind the heat. When the wind blows in July and there isn’t a chill in the breeze, that is summer.

When the wind blows in October and there is a chill in the air, that is fall to me.

And when the last tomato comes off the spindly vine, then it’s really over!

Running in a summer rain can be nice. I wouldn’t want to run a marathon in a summer storm but I have run a 5K in the middle of a lightening storm (not so fun) and I’ve done many training runs in the warm summer rain.

Running in high heat and/or humidity can be brutal and that is why so many races take place in the spring and fall months.

Fall is a great time to run as the summer heat fades but we tend to have less rain than the spring. By the end of October we have often had our first frost and fall begins to feel a bit like winter.

If you are looking for a fall marathon in New England, check out my post, New England Marathons Fall 2021.

There are just a few marathons in the winter in New England, but I have a short listing for them also.

Run well my friends and enjoy the weather!


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4 responses to “Meteorological Fall is Here”

  1. Catrina Avatar

    That’s great that you can deal with the heat, Andy! I don’t mind it too much either. I find it much easier to deal with than the freezing cold!
    Are you preparing for a fall race?

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      No fall races for me.
      My physical therapist said I might be able to start jogging in two weeks or so.
      Hoping tov be able to ramp up for a good spring running season.

  2. runningtotravel Avatar

    Fall is definitely in the air here in central NC. The hot days aren’t over yet but at least cooler mornings and more importantly less humidity is within sight!

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      We had another heat wave just last weekend. Kind of looking forward to cooler weather.
      Thanks for reading!