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Senior Circuit Running

This past week I have been away for business and visiting with my parents.

While I did a lot of walking, I also did a lot of eating, a fair bit of drinking and got no proper exercise.

Senior Circuit

My parents live in a development in Florida. It seems theses developments are everywhere in Florida. Their “Park” is for people 55 and older.

After a day or so to rest and recover from a super busy work week, I decided I should go for a run. The road that loops around their development is a little over a mile long, so I figured I would do a few loops.

Unlike a native Floridian, I didn’t go out for my run before the sun came up. I went out around 10AM and it was already about 80°. I had my running shoes, socks and shorts. I did not have a running shirt, hat or sun glasses!

I started out on my first loop and shortly felt like I was ready to put down a deposit. The last time I ran it was 40° out and very low humidity. It’s winter in Massachusetts!

This felt like July in Massachusetts and I was not acclimated. After a half mile I felt a little better, but was already sweating. My Boston Red Sox hat was roasting my head and my t-shirt was way too much clothing.

I saw a family of five casually rollerblading and a few old folks cycling or walking. I think I was the only person breaking a sweat! The folks were out doing the circuitous route around the park.

Probably the last time they saw someone sweating and breathing like me they called 911! I felt like crap and I’m sure looked like a ponchy middle-aged man.

I completed my first loop at about 1.4 miles and had to do another. I decided to slow down and even walk a bit. The distance was more important than speed.

Surviving the Senior Circuit

As I started my second loop I passed a guy in shorts and Florida shirt holding back two little dogs. The dogs were yapping furiously at me and it looked like the old guy was working to hold them back. “That’s me in a few years” I said to my self. And not too many years!

A little further down the road I took my first walk break. It was so hot and I was sweating like July. My sun screen and sweat had trapped little bugs on my arms and legs. They seemed to be dead.

As I started to run again, I looked for any shade to help me along. There was none. All of the trees were only about 8 to 10 feet tall and the sun was high in the sky. On the far side of the park I found maybe 50 feet of shade to run in but it was still hot and not enough.

As I came around the bend to complete my second lap, I decided that was enough. I’m not in great shape and this was extreme conditions for me.

I managed to get in 2.75 miles. While I felt lucky to have accomplished that much, I also felt like I was being a wimp. Sometimes you have to eat your pride and do the smart thing.

Run well my Friends,

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2 responses to “Senior Circuit Running”

  1. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

    I understand your misery, I spent 3 weeks down in FL back in the mid 90’s and the first day there in June went out for my usual noon run. Like yours it didn’t go too well and this was when I was younger. I would hate to think what I would feel like doing what you did. Just keep smiling and run earlier 😉

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      I really wanted to do 5k, but I thought better of it. I mean, why get changed and not even run 3 miles.