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Sunday Long Run Marathon Training 2017 02

Sunday Long Run 2017 02 is actually run number 3. Our program is managed by an engineer, so we start with run 00.

Jim Carson has managed the Sunday Long Run program since I have been involved with it. He organizes the volunteers and makes sure we have supplies for the water stops. I don’t think we have ever cancelled a run because we didn’t have volunteers, even when Jim was away.

Sunday Long Run 2017 02

It was a brisk, sunny morning with temps in the high 20’s to low 30’s. Runners don’t mind the cold as much as they mind the rain. So a cold dry morning is fine by us!

I showed up early to Brueggers and put my money on the table. As everyone else came in they assumed I was collecting and placed their cash on top of mine. The pile was growing nicely and then Jim came in and took over the collection.

A few minutes before eight about 50 of us piled onto the sidewalk in front of Brueggers for our instructions.

Sunday Long Run, MRC, Spot PondI’ve run this course so many times, I could actually visualize each turn and each hill. We had a lot of Mystic Runners with us and many listened carefully to Jim’s instructions.

I was at the front of the pack and headed down Main Street to West Wyoming. I ended up running with several of the faster runners in our club and was concerned that I was going out too fast.

You can go out too fast even on a training run. You don’t get a DNR if you cut your run short due to fatigue but it does kind of suck.

As we headed up the Fellsway Hills I stayed with the faster runners. Very few people were behind us and I was really getting concerned. We ran both hills on The Fellsway and then turned right onto Highland Ave for another hill.

Sunday Long Run, Melrose Running Club

As we approached our first water stop I decided to hang a bit longer at the stop and let the faster people go ahead. I knew better than try to keep up with them for the full 12.5 miles.

I ended up running with a few Mystics around the back side of Spot Pond in Stoneham. We had a good chat and ran a little slower than the group I was with previously.

While I was hanging at the water stop at the turn onto South Street I saw my friend Gail Severt coming in. I decided to wait and run with her. We used to run together all the time and I knew we would have a good talk like we used to.

As we approached Flynn Rink I decided that I needed a bio break. It’s hockey season and the rink is a public facility, so I knew I was all set. Gail ran ahead and I went into the hockey arena.

By the time I got to our last water stop, Gail was gone. I was now near the end of the long run group and most of them were going a lot slower than me. A few were even walking.

I would run with them a for a bit and then push on. At this point I just wanted to get the run over! 12.5 miles is a real run, even with social water stops!

This weeks route involved running The Fellsway hills both ways. I felt pretty good and I like running hills, so I pushed hard up and down the hills.

My knee bothered me a bit from the down hill pounding, but overall, I felt pretty good.

A Sunday Long Run isn’t about speed really. It’s about getting your body used to running long distances. Gradually we build up to 20 and even a 22 mile run.

We do this over 16 weeks with step back weeks built it. If you don’t over do it the rest of the week, the program is an excellent way to prep for Boston or any other spring marathon.

The program is so good that often, half of our runners are from other clubs! You gotta be doing something right!

I ran 12.51 miles at a 9:09 pace. It looks like I spent about 23 minutes hanging out.

Tips for Sunday Long Run Runners

During a race I always double tie my laces. Most new shoes have laces that rarely come untied, but I see runners with flopping laces all the time. This week I didn’t double tie and I had to stop for each shoe.

Tip: Always double tie your laces. It’s a needless waste of time, especially during a race.

I also had to make a bio break. All runners should carry a few dollars and a few tissues with them. You never know when you may need them. It’s also a good idea to know where there is a public toilet, like an ice rink, and a place to get a drink.

There are Dunkin Donuts everywhere. With a few dollars you get get a bio break and buy a bottle of water on your way out.

Tip: Get to know where the water fountains and restrooms are that you can get into. It can make life so much easier!

Run well My Friends!

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