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  • Tuesday Night Looong Run

    Tonight was pretty much the opposite of Sunday. Sunday was supposed to be a long run, but it just didn’t work out. Tonight I felt tired and not very motivated, but the run got better with each mile. Four miles into the run I said out loud to my running buddy that I felt better…

  • The Sunday Short Run

    Some days you go out with a plan and things just don’t work out. I was going to run 14.6 miles but just a mile or so into the run, I could tell it wasn’t going to happen. The weather was good and I felt okay at the start, but soon my breathing just wasn’t…

  • Five Things Every New Boston Marathon Runner Needs to Know

    What to expect at Athletes Village and while running the 2023 Boston Marathon.

  • Tuesday Night Club Run?

    I finally got to have a Tuesday Night club run. My Physical Therapist prescribed only a 5 minute run just to see how it feels. A few months ago when we started to get back to running my left knee began to ache. After a month or so of treatment the knee is mostly better.…

  • August 8 Check In

    August 8 Check In

    I’ve edited and updated some evergreen posts such as the New England Marathons Fall 2021. A directory of New England Marathons requires regular updates, even in a normal year. But I haven’t been running or racing much these past few months. The mid-summer Check In So here’s a recap of the past few months. Running…

  • What’s The Best Racing Strategy?

    What’s The Best Racing Strategy?

    What’s The Best Racing Strategy? Whether you want to beat your own records or win a race, you will have to establish a racing strategy in order to perform well. There are three main racing strategies in long-distance running, and each one can work. Regardless of the distance of the race, I see people go…, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0