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Weekends are for what?

Weekends always go by so quickly.

All week while at work we dream about sleeping late, having a barbecue, mowing the lawn, and even drinking a few cold ones with friends. For athletes we dream about getting in that long run or ride. Which route should I take this weekend? How far should I run this weekend? Should I get the gang together or just step out my front door and go?

All to often, the weekend is consumed with chores. Something always needs fixing, painting, weeding, cutting. Clothes needs to be washed and ironed. Nothing ever gets done by itself. Being busy at work makes the day go by quickly and being busy all weekend makes the weekend zip by just as quickly.

Often it seems that the weekend is all about preparation for the week. Getting your clothes out of the pile on the floor is a big one. But getting the groceries and

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even yard work are prep for the week. Who wants to come home from work every night and see a hay-field in front of the house? Or all of those god-damned weeds!

What did I do this weekend?

Well, the clothes are washing as I write this, I’ve ironed way too many items this morning. I’m cleaning my basement up after months of neglect and treating it like my recycle bin.

All last week my car was having problems starting. I looked at the battery and it is the original factory installed battery from 2004. The Germans do not make junk! I have AAA and they will come to my house, test the entire electrical system of my car, and install a new battery if I need one. My battery was 10 years old, so I wasn’t worried about being sold a bill of goods. I was 95% sure my battery was on its last electrons.

I called AAA, they took my info and said someone would be there in 90 minutes. Two minutes later a guy from the local office called to say they would be there in 45 minutes. 30 minutes later, Steve showed up. Service! Steve attached his computer to my car and spent about half an hour testing the electrical system.

My battery was rated at 600 cold cranking amps, but now only had 100 amps. I could probably limp through the summer, but I was already having angina every time I went to start my car. I was ready to buy and Steve had my replacement battery in the truck. SOLD.

Not only did I get a battery with a pretty solid warranty, I also had the electrical system checked for no additional charge. Steve identified and explained a minor problem that was not worth tracking down in an 11-year-old car. And the battery was made in the USA.

All of this was done in front of my house in less time than it would have taken to drive to the dealership. I could have replaced the battery my self, but the diagnostics were worth what ever extra paid.

Saturday night the wife and I hung out and watched a bunch of Colbert Report shows that we recorded, but never have time for during the week. Is clearing out your DVR an accomplishment? Is it a completed task? Isn’t this supposed to be entertainment?

On Sunday I had a plumber come to my house. A year ago last winter, the feed pipe to my outside faucet froze and burst. Being a big dummy, I forgot to shut off the feed line in the fall and drain the pipe going outside. All last summer I hauled two hoses from the front of the house to the back yard to water the garden. A guy I run with is a licensed plumber and may be going independent. I like to work with people I know, I have a job that needs to be done and his kids need to eat. All good.

So I got a lot done this weekend, but somehow it feels like I didn’t get to a lot of things I wanted to do. It always feels that way on Sunday night. This is a short week with the 4th of July holiday. That means less laundry over the weekend and at least an entire day that I can devote to doing some of those things that I never get to. It’s dry season now, so the grass wont need to be mowed until August! Woo-hoo!

Have a great week every one.


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