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2 mile Tuesday

Check out my running activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday

Forgot to wear my knee brace for the first time in about 3 months. On top of that I’m still recovering from Boston.

So I cut my 4.5 mile run to 2 miles just to be careful I’ve come to far for a setback now.

It was great to see all of our walk to run crew out doing their thing. And getting to talk to everyone. We have a good group this season.

My buddy Mike asked me if I wanted to run the New Jersey marathon in October. That sounds like a great idea! A great way to stay motivated all summer.

Run well my Friends,

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2 responses to “2 mile Tuesday”

  1. Catrina Avatar

    Nice way to recuperate from Boston! And yes, go for that October marathon, Andy!
    (nice to see that the comment section is working again, yay!)

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Hi Catrina,
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to run the October marathon. As soon as Mike told me about it, I was saying yes in my head!

      My web host updated to WordPress 6.2 last week. Maybe that fixed the comment problem?
      I didn’t change anything. I’m not much of a WP mechanic. lol